Satsuma, Florida- Precious Haleigh Bug has been missing for three months today. Her third month landing on Mother’s Day of all days, I hope her mother Crystal is fairing well today. It would be very hard for me to have to endure the loss of my child during Mother’s Day. I would be riddled with guilt for not being able to protect my child, fear if I was ever going to see her again. Mostly though sorrow, heartache and pain from not having my child today. Her laughter and smiles to comfort my soul reminding me exactly what the day is for. Poor Crystal poor Haleigh having to be torn away from her mother on Mother’s Day. Its very distressing to me even to think of. I could never imagine not hearing my children bubble around, laughing, playing, making mischief on Mothers Day.

Misty is a mother today also a step mother but a mother none the less. She too is missing out on Haleigh today. We are all missing out on Haleigh today, most importantly Haleigh is missing. Three months its so long ninety days give or take out there in the custody of some loser who doesn’t have respect of  her rights to be free. Someone who has no conscience or care for her happiness or well being inside. This all has to hurt her being away from her father, her brother, her grandparents and mother. Mothers Day comes with a heavy heart this year, its worth it though Haleigh is worth it.

I am blessed to of been asked to cover Haleigh Cummings, I wish she could be home for Mother’s Day. She has brought more to my life then she will ever know. More then I could ever thank her for, love is a gift that is to be cherished it truly is. Haleigh has brought love to my heart she is an amazingly adorable angel. I love Haleigh I eat, sleep, sweat, breath and bleed for Haleigh she is one of my own now.

I hope someday when she is older and understands, she can read my articles about her, missing her, pining for her, waiting in a desert with bated breath just to see her darling face once again. Maybe someday she will read them. Then we can connect her and I not in the greatest or most personal way but in a way that maybe she can cherish like I have cherished her. Brings a tear to my eye that she isn’t home today hugging her mother her grandmothers her aunts. Her family its an important day to be with  our mothers and poor Haleigh has to miss out. Haleigh Bug we love you and we are rooting for you all across this globe. Happy Mother’s Day and God bless.

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