Satsuma Florida- Haleigh Cummings has been missing for a real long time now. No clues, no hairs, no fibers or dna to assist in the investigation. None reported on any how. The mysterious man in black supposedly located and supposedly polygraphed. Yet no Haleigh. All of this day in and day out still no Haleigh.

Crystal, her mother has opened the doors to the Haleigh Bug Headquarters to aid in the search for her daughter. Still no Haleigh. Its reported that there doesn’t seem to be to many people going in. Lots of rumors and accusations, still producing no Haleigh. What is going to bring her home? Seems nothing has worked this far, not even the tireless efforts of investigators working her disappearance.  Countless searches, cadaver dogs, blood hounds, psychics, tips, and leads still no Haleigh. Hours upon hours of interviews and interrogations still no Haleigh.

Investigators have been up and down the First Coast following leads they have even crossed state lines into Tennessee   turning up no Haleigh. Even George Anthony himself assisted for a day or so. Still that brought no Haleigh. Where is she? Is she alive? Tears, heart ache, anger, rumors, lies, false accusations all yet to bring Haleigh home? How come? It was said that there was a witness to her abduction so be it a small child. There was at least a description as to who investigators should be pursuing. They found the man that the witness claims took her. So wheres Haleigh? None of this in the past  fifty days has brought her home. Not even the person accused of taking her. No one is ruled out as a suspect. Investigators wont even answer questions with a yes or a no simply “This is an on going investigation, I cannot comment on that at this time.” Thats it nothing more.

Haleigh is such a lovely girl a meager  three feet tall, she has lovely curly blond hair and big brown eyes. She only weighs thirty nine pounds. Not much, same as any other kindergartener. She loves school and  her brother. She loves her father and mother and her sister. She even loves Misty her step mom. Her family loves her. They miss her. They have all cooperated fully with investigators not hiding anything.  Anyone with information about Haleigh are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477) or Putnam County Sheriffs Office at (386)-329-0800.

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