Satsuma, Florida- Haleigh Cummings the gem of a child snatched from her bed during the early morning hours of February 10, 2009 has been missing for almost three months now. Just a few more days she will be at the three month mark. That is a very long time for any child to be missing. Alive and in the custody of a stranger or strangers. She must be awfully frightened wondering for her mommy and daddy and her brothers. How is she being treated? Is she being kept up on her schooling? Are they giving her, her medicine?  There is so much to the unknown in regards to her being held captive by someone. The possibilities are heart wrenching they make me ill just thinking of what she is being subjected to and put through.

Honestly its driving me insane. I think of her every night day in and day out. What is she going through? Just knowing that Cobra thinks she is out there alive in the custody of some loser drives me up the wall. I pray that they’re properly feeding and clothing and caring for her. Where is she sleeping, are they reading to her, coloring with her, are they playing with her? I pray they are caring for her like she needs to be cared for. Haleigh is a child, she needs special care all children do.

I don’t know why someone would do this to Haleigh. Why take her away from her family its just unimaginable to me that they could do this to her. Who is involved in this? There are so many questions that need to be answered. Haleigh is a living, breathing human. She requires love, care and attention. Are the people holding her hostage capable of tending to a small child. Do they pack the brains to care for her? This has been on my mind since the radio show.

Since the radio show Sunday I have had a endless thought cycle about Haleigh the person holding her. Poor Haleigh in the hands of some loser who has no clue what they’re doing. Another thing that has been on my mind since the radio show is Ronald Cummings, her father, is he out searching. Satsuma is his turf his stomping grounds, is he out pounding the pavement searching for his daughter? What does any of the characters in this mix have to do with anything. Seems more then people want to give them credit for. It seems they have been quite the fountains of information regarding Haleigh’s where abouts. Cobra said something on air that whoever has her now is NOT the person who took her or cooked up this idea. Just drop her off at any fire station tuck tail and skin out. No one cares who you are or what you do just drop her at a child safe haven that is licensed to take her. Fire station, Hospital ect. Its not rocket science, you don’t have to be a genius to do this.

There has been lots of bickering and anger over Cobra’s involvement in this matter. People who don’t appreciate his services searching for Haleigh. People who would rather see him pack up and leave town. TJ Hart has been reporting on Cobra’s investigation its all there for people to view and read. To me its a slap to Haleigh’s precious face for people to complain about his presence in this situation Haleigh needs Cobra and TJ to be out there searching. She needs as many out there searching for her as she can get. To me its rude and uncalled for that anyone complains about Cobra and TJ’s presence in this investigation.

Haleigh is a five year old girl. She has curly blonde hair and brown eyes. She is three feet tall and weighs thirty nine pounds. She has a birthmark on her left cheek. If it’s true and Haleigh is out there in the custody of someone she may look different or be disguised. Please if you have any information regarding Haleigh or her abductor you are asked to call Putnam County Sheriffs at 386-329-0800.

Thank you TJ Hart and Cobra for not giving up on Haleigh.

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