Satsuma, Florida- There was a round table meeting of law enforcement all who are involved in the Haleigh Cummings case. It was held Thursday June 4, 2009 by Florida State Law Enforcement. They stated in a press release that the case has not gone cold, they have interviews to re-conduct, there is also still evidence to be analyzed, there was no suspects identified and no one has been ruled out. They also stated that they would follow this through until the end. The tasks that are needing to be dealt with are being distributed out amongst the participating agencies as the investigation continues. They also stated there are also lots of new ideas, and they are  going back to look at things they have previously looked at before.

Its nice to hear investigators break their silence regarding Haleigh Cummings, its nice to hear that they are not considering this case closed, that they will continue to investigate seeing through until the end. Its nice to know that they are still working in finding the truth in her disappearance. Evidence that still needs to be analyzed and interviews to be re-conducted, still no suspects and no one ruled out. Sounds like more run around to me. More of the same ole same ole. Nothing new, no rain. Not one drop of moisture for the desert. This changes nothing, Haleigh is still missing. This press release from Jeff Hardy changes nothing in the truth of the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. A polite way to shut doors, no new news, no new leads, or tips, or clues. Nothing, there is nothing to report on as of yet in this case.

Haleigh is still missing, presumed living and until there is a body produced to prove otherwise she is living. Someone has her hidden, is it a loving caring family member who is keeping her well fed and playing with her? Or is it some loser who is abusing and mistreating her? Is she getting her medicine? There are more questions then there are answers, it seems that this mystery is just that, a mystery. Law enforcement really offered nothing new in their press release. Honestly its a huge disappointment. All there is to do is sigh and beat our heads on a desk. There is little to go on, do law enforcement investigators have anything? Why the hold up on analyzing evidence? Why now are they re-conducting interviews, to listen to the same morons talk over and over hardly recollecting how to use the toilet? Give me a break, now I’m not knocking law enforcement or their hard work and dedication to this case. Its just frustrating to hear that they are going back to take another look at stuff they done looked at already. Come on, what is this all for to frustrate an already boiling pot? It blows my mind that they had a multi agency round table and that’s all they could come up with. Okie doke if you say so sir’s. Its nothing to get excited about. This is still hell.

Haleigh is a five year old girl. She has curly blonde hair and brown eyes, she weighs around thirty nine pounds and is about three feet tall. She has a birthmark on her left cheek. Haleigh may be disguised now, please if you have any information regarding Haleigh Cummings we encourage you to call Putnam County Sheriffs Office at (386)-329-0800

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