I remember when I lost my twin boys with a miscarriage at 6 ½ months. A nurse in the hospital asked me did I want their bodies or did I just want the hospital to dispose of their bodies. I hysterically yelled at her to get out of my room and told the other nurses that came running in there not to let that woman back into my room. I couldn’t imagine letting them take my two babies and not knowing where they were laid to rest. Just the thought of not knowing where they were, just made me go crazy.

Well the family of little HaLeigh Cummings are going through something I say is even worse than what I would have been going through. HaLeigh disappeared from her home in Satsuma Florida in the middle of the night on February 10, 2009. She was at her father’s home along with her little brother and her Dad’s then girlfriend, 17 year old Misty Croslin. HaLeigh was only 5 years old at the time. Misty was babysitting the kids and when she woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, she found the kitchen light on and the back door was open. When she ran in the room to check on the children who had been sleeping in the same room as she was in, she found HaLeigh gone.

Throughout the years HaLeigh’s grandmother, Teresa Neves and her great-grandmother Annette Sykes can’t and won’t give up on the hope that their granddaughter is still alive out there somewhere trying to find her way home. Annette Sykes has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and her biggest dream is that before she leaves this world she would like to know what happened to HaLeigh.

Sykes took a photo of HaLeigh to the authorities there to see if they could do an age progression photo of her that could be sent out there, in hopes that someone, somewhere, somehow might recognize her and call the authorities. This family has been criticized over the past years because they just can’t let go of the hope they have in them that HaLeigh would be alive somewhere, and in all honesty I can’t blame them. In my case I knew my boys went to Heaven with Jesus. In their case they don’t know! How can one not keep hoping?

My heart and my prayers go to this family. I have prayed so many times throughout the last almost 7 years that HaLeigh would come home. Every time I speak to Teresa Neves online I feel her pain and her sadness. The whole family hurts so much. They don’t know! Whoever is responsible for the disappearance of this child I pray they have such a guilty conscience that they would finally come forth and talk about what happened. If HaLeigh has went to heaven the family needs to know this so they can learn to accept that.

I am going to post a picture of Haleigh from before she disappeared and then the age progression photo. To everyone reading this article I beg of you to please look at it and keep it in your mind just in case you do see someone that could be her and then please call 911 or your local authorities.


What HaLeigh might look like at 12 years old

What HaLeigh might look like at 12 years old

According to the Chief of Detectives Captain Dominic Piscitello with Putnam County’s Sheriff’s Office, HaLeigh’s case has not been closed. It is still an open investigation. In a news release the Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy said, “My office will not rest while trying to determine the whereabouts of HaLeigh Cummings. We are still actively following up on any information we receive and the investigation is continuing.”

HaLeigh I am praying for you sweetie. I pray you can find your way home to your family that misses you so very much. They love and miss you more than you can ever know. If you are up there with Jesus, then I pray that someone will come forth with what happened to you so your family can get some closure in all this. Until that happens they will never give up praying for you to come home. God bless you HaLeigh!!

Jan Barrett

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