Earlier this morning a friend sent a rather interesting audio recording to me. It is of Tim Miller and was made after the recent search of the Shell Harbour area.

Tim has some interesting comments to make about the various searches that were conducted. There is a wealth of information in this 5 minute audio.There are several things that I found interesting in it.

For some time there has been a rumor circulating that Tim Miller was not permitted to search the St. Johns river with his side scan sonar equipment. Tim clears that situation up. Law Enforcement already had side scan radars deployed so he opted not to duplicate the effort.

Of real interest is that when Tim Miller returned to Satsuma for the second series of searches he asked Misty Croslin for some ideas for places to search. She apparently gave him a list of 4 or 5 locations. It turns out that one of them was Shell Harbour.

I think in listening to this audio you can get a real sense of Tim Millers frustration. His funding at that time was limited, he had to use his resources with care. I also get the sense that now Tim is regretting not spending the money he didn’t have!

The other thing that I picked up in this is a sense that Misty wanted to tell him where to search but in an act of self preservation gave him some red herrings as well.

Listen to the audio here.

It is a shame that no recordings exist of the conversations between Misty Croslin and Tim Miller as they might reveal a great deal. I had a lengthy discussion yesterday with Peter Hyatt, he is an expert on ‘statement analysis’ and I am sure that he could unravel the tangled knot.

Peter incidentally will be joining us on the radio next Sunday, by which time I am hoping that he will have been able to analyze some audio files that we have supplied him with.

Simon Barrett

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