BNN does have a foot soldier on site at the search scene in Putnam County. There appears to be a media feeding frenzy, and tempers are flaring. Apparently one Fox reporter has actually managed to get himself arrested. The eyewitness report is that he was screaming obscenities at the police for not letting the press get closer to the actual search site. The Police eventually got fed up with these antics and escorted the gentleman away.

As you can see from these early photos, the media is out in full force.



Armando is also reporting that the local residents are getting quite upset with the entire event. Many experienced a sleepless night because of all of the commotion going on.

I talked again with Steve Brown earlier this morning, Steve is the PI working for Crystal Sheffield that tipped the police off, instigating this search. He is still very concerned with not interfering with the criminal investigation by saying too much publicly. However he did say some things that might clear up some speculation.

Monday evenings discussion with the PCSO was the result of 10 months of investigation. He also explained that while his client is Crystal Sheffield he is also closely associated with Tommy Croslin’s lawyer. What was left unsaid was if the culmination of the 10 months work was recent information originating from Tommy Croslin.

I cracked this case on Monday, I know exactly what happened in the trailer that night.

Everything I have is now in the hands of the authorities.

I have spoken with Steve on a couple of occasions, he is a highly credible man with great credentials. Let us hope that he has unlocked the door to solving this case. 14 months is a very long time for a body to be in the water and moving water at that, one wonders if the police can find any definitive evidence at this stage.

It was most unfortunate that he (in is own words) was ‘forced out the closet’ by some irresponsible tabloid journalism last night. Lieutenant Johnny Greenwood had made it abundantly clear in his communique with the press that he did not want the mans name released. In fact I was surprised that HLN even knew his name. And flabbergasted that they would choose to air it against the express wishes of the PCSO. I am sure that the next time he calls the PCSO he is in for one of those fabled ‘fireside chats’ with Jonny Greenwood, I have heard that they can be quite intense! A wonderful way to cleanse the soul!

This search has also opened up some older windows on the world. There is apparently a very interesting audio tape that I am trying to get hold of. It was thought to be part of some data that I was sent on a Thumb-Drive a while back, but it is not. The owner of the tape is furiously trying to locate it, and I will publish it as soon as I receive it.

More soon.

Simon Barrett

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