Satsuma, Florida- It seems Haleigh has been forgotten with all this drama engulfing her investigation. The waters are muddy and they are only getting muddier. Seems no one even remembers there is a child out there missing. Haleigh is alive in the custody of some loser who has no clue or care for her emotional state or feelings. She needs to be home with her family. Law enforcement have stated they believe it wasn’t a stranger abduction. So whoever has her is known to her, there is so much garbage being tossed into this mix that poor Haleigh isn’t even in the focus no more. She has been pushed aside so that attention can be put on meaningless trash that has no value in her disappearance. All this attention none on Haleigh, where are the searches for her? Why create such nonsense it only takes away from what really needs to be done. Finding Haleigh, no one seems to care well law enforcement of course they care, they care so much that they arrest the only other person out really searching for her.

Take Cobra off the case for what reason? Is his help not sufficient or qualified enough to be out searching for Haleigh. I have heard his credentials and skills myself, he is more then qualified to search for Haleigh. I am only concerned for Haleigh and if a man like Cobra wants to be out searching for her damn near for free, breaking himself to do so then let him. I don’t understand all that is behind his arrest it shouldn’t be publicized in such a manner. He is not a bad man that day was his first time in any jail facility from that side. Its ridiculous that it even occurred, for what? How long later after the incident? What a grand occasion, who was behind it I’d like to know. Cobra needs to be out searching for Haleigh not playing grab ass because someone wants to get a hair up their backside. I think its ridiculous he is the only other one out searching besides law enforcement, that I can see anyhow. He isn’t sitting around manning a headquarter answering phones in the air conditioning. He is out literally breaking himself to bring Haleigh home its my opinion people need to lay off and let him do his job. He isn’t being payed by no one so who’s business is it anyhow if he is out searching. He got handed a sandy shaft if you ask me.

Are Michelle Bart and National Vigil For Hope along with the Anthony’s helping in the search for Haleigh, printing fliers and shirts and water? Making rubber bracelets to be traded for donation to the public? That’s how they “searched” for Caylee from a booth on the side of the road. I’m sure there are children out there who need their fingerprints done. I wonder if they could get up and find Haleigh and do her fingerprints too? It bothers me that they feel the need to weasel their way into Haleigh’s search and its not just the Anthony’s and CMAF its Michelle Bart and her NVFH (National Vigil For Hope). Its no secret that they didn’t once go out and physically searching for Caylee, and I know I have been here for a year almost I didn’t see one of them that went out searching the swamps, or woods, or a tin can for Caylee. How are they going to find Haleigh? What qualifies them to do so? A rubber bracelet machine? Does the knowledge of designing and printing fliers give them the knowledge needed to go out and hunt down a child abductor and recover a missing child? Not to me it don’t whether its the Anthony’s and CMAF or Michelle Bart and NVFH nothing they do qualifies them to be out searching for Haleigh. Nothing I have seen any how. I have yet to see proof that they aren’t trying to involve themselves in Haleigh’s investigation.

I found that on the National Vigil For Hope website there is a link to the Haleigh Bug website. That’s Michelle Bart and Marie Griffis sites. While I am full aware that Haleigh needs all the attention she can get, does she really need it from those people and their foundations? I would think Haleigh needs someone to get up and shake things up to rattle cages make waves in the sludge pool. I was told I was on the right track with all of this, I have said it from the get go when George ran to Satsuma at the first sound of the trumpet that Haleigh had gone missing. They do not need to be involved in this, not them or anyone that follows them. This whole case is so murky and unstable Haleigh has so much working against her she has adults in her life that don’t know up from down, she has people involved in her life that have not the first clue on child rearing. Her father I’m sorry to say made an enormous error in judgment when he allowed a person in Misty’s condition to keep eye of his children. That never should of been allowed, Misty has questionable friends and she makes questionable choices for herself. Haleigh already has so much negative in her search effort why add more bad to the mix? I am so against them being involved in Haleigh’s search and it seems they have been for quite sometime now. In the shadows behind the scenes lurking around setting up shop. I can only hope that whoever has sought them out did it for nieve and innocent reasons. I only say that because Michelle Barts associates the Anthony’s support a child killer and well I don’t think that’s any type of support that Haleigh needs.

I hope that all of this with Cobra gets cleaned up and the focus gets pointed back to where it should be. Cobra should not be the focus of the search unless he is out stomping in doors kicking tail and asking names later. He and TJ Hart are the only ones I have seen besides law enforcement out searching for Haleigh. I don’t count what those “foundations” do as out searching for Haleigh. They aren’t out contacting people, or shaking things up they have no business in this arena. Haleigh has some strong people out looking for her she don’t need the weak sitting on the side of the road fingerprinting kids, creating public relation opportunities. She needs elbow grease, sweat off the brow and broken backs hunting for her. God bless you Haleigh Cummings there are still people out there focused on you.

Haleigh is a five year old girl she is about three feet tall and weighs around thirty nine pounds. She has curly blonde hair and brown eyes, she has a birthmark on her left cheek. If you have any information regarding Haleigh Cummings and her disappearance please call Putnam County Sheriffs at (386) 329-0800. If anyone reading this happens to have custody of Haleigh Cummings you are advised to take her to the nearest hospital or fire department and drop her off.

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