This just in from TJ Hart. I think it puts this case into some perspective. The Internet is a double edged sword, and great care needs to be taken when reading information from unknown sources – Simon

TJ Hart Reporting

I have a whole new appreciation for the law enforcement professionals who are investigating the abduction of 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings who was taken from her father’s home in Hermit’s Cove near Satsuma, Florida in February, 2009.

Many of you are scratching your heads about now.

Has law enforcement been a fountain of information when it comes to letting the public know how the investigation is progressing? No.

Has law enforcement been working on things beyond your and my scope of knowledge and imagination on this case? Yes.

Have I spoken to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, FBI and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office all in the past few days? Yes.

To dispel a few things:

-All the forensic evidence is accounted for–even the back door to the trailer where the abduction took place.
-FDLE and PSCO physically work together every day on the case.
-FBI is always consulted and remains tightly in the loop.
-LE will not make public statements in this case unless it is necessary to avoid compromising the investigation
-LE knows all about the “crimes” associated with the major issue of an abducted little girl (including the illegal purchases of cigarettes by a minor that seems to have some folks coming unglued!). They are focusing on the finding and safe return of Haleigh for now. When the time comes to arrest people, they will.

Now, to address the kind of distractions investigators face every day. The reason I know about this one is because every well-intended person on earth emailed me a link with some rather strange information regarding Ronald Cummings and his alleged whereabouts the night the Haleigh vanished:

I quickly passed this on to LE and began digging where I could to further investigate this claim to no avail.

It turned that this alleged email was an admitted hoax:

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I do not normally post here but because someone decided to make things up about Spunky, I need to apologize. S***** I have no idea who said that you sent the email to the blogger or why but for the record, S***** had nothing to do with it.

From my post at IS…

A couple of days ago a blogger decided to write something that contradicted what LE has said about Ron being at work. People decided to run with that. Of course Ron wasn’t at work because someone sent a blogger an email that said he wasn’t there the entire shift. Of course it is true because this blogger thinks the email is credible.

Well then we get a new email backing up in part what the first person had told this blogger but this email made it just a little bit juicier. And I see some people are believing that too…

For the record, I wrote that email. I made up the story about the guards, Misty and Ron’s new job. I wanted to prove a point and it seems as if I did. This blogger is writing things without checking a single thing out. He/she did not even try to see if the email was for real. It came from a hotmail account and if they had looked at the headers they should have been able to tell that it came from no where near Putnam county.

Also the second email that he/she says they sent to verify things, only was to tell me that TJH wanted to speak with me.

I apologize to Ron, Misty and PDM employees and now to S****. Whomever told that blogger that it was you (if anyone) is a liar.

Name redacted by editor

LE was taken back by this and wasted a few hours re-tracing steps. That did NOT help them find Haleigh!

The bottom line is that LE is working diligently to find this girl. No one wants her back any faster than they do. They can’t do it with all this jackassery going on like it’s a game and not reality.

The e-mailer claims he or she was trying to “out” what they believed was a non-reputable website, but unfortunately the exercise had some unintended and unproductive consequences.

Aside and away from this, I said it before and I will say it again:

-Most bloggers sincerely care about truly finding Haleigh.
-Many are frustrated and upset about the slow progress in the case, which is understandable.
-About 3% of the bloggers are nasty know-it-alls (without a clue).
-Another 2% sit around their computers all day instead of getting a job and being productive trying to see what kind of crap they can start online for their own selfish amusement without a care for the real people involved.
-That 2% is not the retired, not the stay-at-home moms or the disabled–It’s those who choose not to work and enjoy finding comfort in the misery of others.

We need to find Haleigh—this isn’t helping LE or anyone else.


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