Satsuma, Florida – In seven days Haleigh Cummings will be missing for four months. Four long agonizing months, sleep lost, time lost, nerve lost, love lost. Everything lost, why? Where did she go, this has been the hardest four months I have ever endured personally. Torn from her fathers home, when? No one seems to know exactly when she was taken, the only “adult” around was Misty and for some reason she has yet to recollect a solid time line for investigators regarding the hours in question. There is much speculation it is because she is hiding something for herself or someone else. There is also speculation she is having a hard time remembering due to her drug and alcohol use. Others speculate if it is her age, her mind is still very young and when under the influence may not function properly. It would be nice if they would figure it out, if she could come to some sort of epiphany as to the hours in question. Frustrating is what it is really, discouraging, disappointing for sure. Ron received his back owed child support from Crystal through the generous donation from an “anonymous” donor. Also the Haleigh Bug Headquarters in Satsuma has been relocated to where Crystal resides on her families Hay Farm in Baker County, due to her driving restrictions from current health issues. That’s it all the news out of Satsuma regarding Haleigh that is worth reporting on.

Bravo right? Cheers I’m sure, Haleigh has been shoved aside so that every so called respectable persons involved can spew there own agenda for there own gain. I have a stack of updates from my source a pile of rubbish is what it is. Not news worthy in any sense, oh I’m sure more then one person would love to gain a platform to spew forth there agenda, not here. No thank you, I don’t need to hear anyone’s hatred, slander, or accusations that have nothing to do with Haleigh being rescued. Is she okay out there in the loving care of someone known to her? Investigators have stated this was no stranger abduction. I would imagine she is disguised by now, she has most definitely grown some its been four months children grow quickly they react to stress and there appearance can change weight wise ect. Has Haleigh’s appearance been altered to be unrecognizable? Is she being kept inside sheltered completely so that no one is a possible witness to her location?

There has been no news out of Satsuma in weeks, nothing not a drop of rain in the desert that was once a garden. It has dried up and been overgrown by the unforgiving parched wasteland that is her disappearance. No rain in days and days. Wind blows in the trash to cover the ground polluting an already barren existence. Haleigh has been forgotten left out to dry by those who claim to be there for her, those who just want to stir up a whirl of dust for there own purpose. Anger is what it is here, anger over the lack of moisture to produce what is needed to be achieved, finding Haleigh. How can it go dead silent?
Nothing, no news, disheartening is what it is, it leaves the esteem level low and the soul weak. Hard on the soul heavy on the heart it has become. Where is Haleigh, does someone have her? Is this some cruel set up? Some disgusting scam to gain whatever one has in there own best interest. Or is she not with us any longer?

It seems by now her body would have surfaced somewhere, some bones anyhow. What is behind this disappearance? How come Misty can’t figure out a solid account for the hours in question? What has become of this? It was a muddy dirt filled garden full of clues, leads, and searching, is now a dry unforgiving desert with nothing but hard thick earth with dusty wind swirling trash top it. It burns day and night for her, inside the desert, deep it burns all day long into the night concern, worry, and grief stricken for Haleigh. What has become of her, the lack of moisture only enrages the fire. She needs conclusion. She needs to be rescued from her confinements. If she is alive and in someone’s care she needs to be saved. It is not legal to abduct and hold a child captive, the nation is on alert for her there is an unresolved Amber Alert out there on Haleigh. It can’t be legal to hold a child against there will after abducting it from its home.

Haleigh is out there still missing, in the custody of her captor. She needs to be found, brought to light what happened to her. What happened to the cause to find the truth in the Haleigh Cummings disappearance? Where did that cause go? It went to lawyers, and attorneys, to the rumor mill the he said she said trash heap that it produces regularly. It isn’t even mud its trash, pure smut in my opinion. There is nothing regarding Haleigh, not one drop. Good Lord its enough to make my head explode on top my neck. This is beyond a rut this is a canyon of nothing but pure hot air. It fuels a wild fire of destruction upon all who encounter it. Pathetic is what it is, weak what these people have done turned Haleigh’s search into is weak and vacuous, tabloid drama. No Haleigh not where I can see. Honestly it’s with great sadness to write this report of nothing.

Haleigh is a five year old girl. She has curly blonde hair and brown eyes, mind you she may be disguised now, she has a birthmark on her left cheek. When she was last seen she was three feet tall and weighed thirty nine pounds. Five months is a long time for a child and she may of changed naturally in appearance, weight, height wise. Please contact your local authorities or Putnam County Sheriffs with any information regarding the Haleigh Cummings disappearance (386) 329-0800.

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