It has been a busy week in the search for Haleigh Cummings. As I suspected this was a very lively program. Once again we had a wonderful panel, Jan Barrett, Tj Hart, Denny Griffin, and Levi Page.

Each brings a unique point of view, and each brings some gold nugget to the story.

All of us have some information that the other does not have. I discovered years ago that before you take a position on any subject you need to research it. All of us have put in the time, all of us have our own opinions and they often do not match.

One of the joys of running this program are the differences in opinions.

I am not Nancy Grace, and I do not like the ‘lap dogs’ on her program. Haired, or un-haired.

I like raw news, and I think we got that today.

The big news was obviously the arrests of 5 people that might have some information that likely can offer a resolution to the case.

I do not invite hired gun’s as Nancy does. Or rather, when I discover that they are a hired gun I drop em faster than a speeding bullet. People are looking for news not ART.

Todays program was wonderful. All of the panel had something to add to the mix. I for one learned much.

The search for Haleigh Cummings is in the end game.

You can catch the whole discussion here.

Simon Barrett

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