Putnam County Florida- The attorney for Crystal Sheffield, Haleigh Cummings mother has met with Department of  Children and Families. Kim Picazio is reported to of gathered information about Haleigh and her younger brother Jr.’s home life with Ron Cummings and Misty Croslin.  Haleigh and Jr. have been in Ron’s custody since 2005. Kim Picazio is awaiting the DFC investigation before filing any custody hearings. She also is sure that DFC will quickly attend to the information she brought to there attention.

Kim was asked to represent Crystal by Marie Griffis, Crystal’s mother. Kim is helping Crystal for free. Marie also sought the aid of a spokesperson for there family. The spokesperson has gone back to Arizona stating that she will help all she can from her home state. Kim Picazio’s information regarding Haleigh and Jr.’s home life was gathered from people in Putnam County. The details of that information have not been disclosed.

Haleigh was last seen Tuesday February 9th at around 10pm when her step mother Misty Croslin went to bed. Haleigh, Jr. and Misty were all sleeping in the same room when Misty woke up to use the bathroom. She then noticed a light on that was off when she went to bed. She went out to investigate the light and realized the back door was open and the screen held open by bricks. She says that she ran into the bedroom to call Ron on the phone at work then realizing Haleigh was gone. Misty has not given a solid time frame of the accounts of what happened leading up to Haleigh’s disappearance. It is still uncertain exactly what Haleigh was wearing when she disappeared. Investigators have questioned her for more then thirty hours. They are still trying to nail down what happened between 7 pm on February 9th to 3 am on February 10th. Investigators have told Marie Griffis that they have nothing. They have used the help of several cadaver dogs to aid in the search of Haleigh.

Investigaors have also searched US 17 about thirty feet out on both sides. Nothing was turned up in relation to Haleigh. At this point there main focus is getting a solid account of what happened that night leading up to the disappearance from Misty. They are also still investigating her cousin Joe who is in Tennessee. Haleigh’s mother Crystal is opening a Haleigh Bug Headquarters to help in the search for Haleigh. You can call in tips or make donations to aid in the search.

If you have any information regarding Haleigh her location or her abduction please call Crime Stoppers at 1888-277-TIPS or Putnam County Sheriffs Office at (386)-329-0800

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