haleigh-cummings.pngEveryone remembers little HaLeigh Cummings from Florida on February 10, 2009. She disappeared in the middle of the night from her bed while her then babysitter was sleeping in bed just a few feet away. A massive search went on for HaLeigh but to this day she has still not been found.

Some seem to think the ones responsible are now behind bars on unrelated charges, but there are still some of us out there that think otherwise. I will admit I am one that believes otherwise and to this day I still pray that one day HaLeigh will be able to go home.

HaLeigh’s family and friends can’t forget her. As long as there is no solid proof that she is gone, they refuse to give up hopes that she will one day return home and I don’t blame them. I know life goes on but how can one forget their child or grandchild especially if they don’t know what happened to them.

On Wednesday, August 10  from 6:00pm – 9:00pm there is going to be a Vigil held in honor of HaLeigh to be held at the home of Annette Sykes in Welaka, Florida. HaLeigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield has said she plans to attend the vigil along with Teresa Neves and Annette Sykes, who are Ronald Cummings’s mother and grandmother. If you are in the area please try to attend in respect for HaLeigh. I would like to ask if you can not attend the vigil will you at least please light a candle for her during those hours.

Also on HaLeigh’s birthday, August 17, they are planning a balloon release party from 9:00am – 2:30pm in Palatka, Florida. The details are as follows:

Everyone is invited to join the family of HaLeigh Cummings at the park in Palatka to release balloons for HaLeigh’s birthday. HaLeigh was born at 2:16 a.m. and balloons will be released at 2:16 p.m. Free balloons will be given to anyone who cannot join the family but would like to release a balloon for HaLeigh from their own location. We would also ask that anyone who remembers HaLeigh show their love and support by joining us and releasing a balloon from wherever you are. Free balloons will be red, purple, and pink ~ HaLeigh’s favorite colors.

********Due to circumstances beyond our control the location of the balloon give away and balloon release for HaLeigh’s birthday has changed. The location now is Randy Mathews Mini Storage and Warehousing, at 1400 Reid St. in Palatka, Fl. Everything else is the same.

Once again if you are in the area I urge you to please try to attend in honor of HaLeigh. If you can’t attend and want to just help remember HaLeigh, set free a balloon at home or just light a candle at 2:16 p.m.

I know I for one will be lighting my candle for her. I can’t be there personally but my heart will be and so will my prayers. I still pray for HaLeigh and her family. I still hope for her safe return one day. May God be with her and her family.

HaLeigh you will never be forgotten honey. Your family loves and misses you.

Jan Barrett

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