Satsuma Florida- Everyone knows Haleigh Cummings is the gem of a child who vanished without a trace from her fathers home. Its still not clear what time she disappeared no solid time line has been set for investigators. Somewhere between 7pm February 9th to 3am February 10th. Leaves a lot to the imagination. Haleigh’s step mother Misty Croslin-Cummings is the last “adult” to of had contact with Haleigh before she disappeared.

Misty has been fiercely questioned many times totaling numerous hours. She has been extremely inconsistent with her statements regarding the events leading up to Haleigh’s disappearance. The lead investigator has said time and time again that she is the key to Haleigh’s where abouts. Yet even the smartest, sharpest detectives can’t seem to get a solid time line from her.

Haleigh has been missing for sixty days. Statistics say she is dead. Logic says she is dead. My heart wants to believe that someone somewhere has her alive and well. No one really knows what Misty has told investigators other then she put the children, Haleigh and her younger brother Jr. to bed at 8pm she says she stayed up to wash some laundry then went to bed at 10pm. Awakened to use the toilet at around 3 am she noticed a light on upon further investigation she saw that the back laundry room door leading outside was open with the screen propped open with a brick. She then ran into the bedroom she and the kids were sleeping in to call Ron. She then says she realized Haleigh was missing. Taken from her bed? With Misty in the room no more then three feet away from her. Sleeping?

It was reported that there was some other individuals around Ron’s home during the time Haleigh disappeared. Investigators have yet to disclose any of that information. Its been reported that the individuals have been polygraphed and interrogated. No word on that or confirmation regarding the polygraphs.

It has also been reported that Ron and his wife Misty have moved away from the trailer park that Haleigh disappeared from moving a few miles to the south with his grandmother in  Welaka Florida. Crystal is no longer at “ground zero” either she is staying in St. Johns County. Crystal is still operating the Haleigh Bug Headquarters. Taking calls and donations to aid in the search for little Haleigh Bug as her mother so gently called her. Its even reported that Ron drove past the bright purple building that displayed posters of his smiling daughter. He didn’t stop.

Has the nation forgotten little Haleigh Bug? Have we given up hope on her. I don’t hear any news reports on her anymore. No break in the case. Dead silence. Haleigh is an amazingly beautiful child. So happy, full of life. Always smiling. In every picture I have seen. She looks loved, clean, well fed and cared for. Her family has looks of pain and heartache every time I see them on the television. Which isn’t much lately but when they are they look so hurt and sad. There hearts torn from there chests. Why cant someone come forward with what they know and put this to rest for her family. Give them the information they need to properly grieve there loss. I don’t know if they have a loss to grieve. I just know there is no Haleigh Bug, no one coming forward with what they know. I know sixty days is a long time for a child to be missing. I know the pain I feel in my heart for her. The agony on her families faces.

I for one will not ever let it go or stop writing for Haleigh Bug. Even if there is no news to go on I will continue to keep her in our headlines. She couldn’t of up and vanished like a fart in the wind. Someone knows where her body is. They know where she is if she is alive. Someone knows. I have pleaded in my past articles for whoever has her to just let her go. I don’t know if I believe that to be the case any more. Dead or alive Haleigh Bug needs to come home. Her family needs to put it to rest. They need the closure, to stop wandering in that huge unforgiving desert at that empty cross road of unknowing. They need to have the peace in there hearts at least knowing where she is alive or dead.

Haleigh is a five year old girl she has curly blonde (adorable) hair and big hypnotizing brown eyes. She weighs thirty nine pounds and is three feet tall. She has a small birthmark on her left cheek. She has a medical condition that requires frequent medication. If you or anyone you know has any information regarding Haleigh, her disappearance, or her where abouts. Please make the call to Putnam County Sheriffs office at (386)-329-0800 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477). Or call Haleigh Bug Headquarters directly at  (954)-553-6514. Haleigh will not be forgotten!

note from author: This one is for my fellow blogger Spacely!

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