Gainesville, Florida- My dear friend Mr. Hart has been gracious enough to do a interview with me. Over the phone of course. I had some questions about the Haleigh Cummings case, also I wanted to do something neat for those who read my articles. I love you all. We kept the pleasantries short due to us already knowing each other.

Dashing as always, Mr. Hart is a fountain of information always useful for my little articles. He is also useful in so many more ways. He is out tirelessly searching for the truth in the disapparance of Haleigh Cummings. He is spending his own time and self powers to search for the truth. He is working with William “Cobra” Staubs the bounty hunter also searching for the truth in Haleigh’s disappearance. Cobra is also putting in, tireless hours using his own resources to search for Haleigh.

Thank you Mr. Hart for your valiant efforts in finding the truth we all long for. I long for Haleigh to come home and see her grandma’s to see her Jr. to see her mother, her father. I long for that, many of us do. Mr. Hart what you are doing on the ground for Haleigh should be commended. Cobra too all for the love of a child. I cannot begin to thank you enough for not giving up.

Now that I have gotten to the pleasantries that was shorted on during our interview. My interview with Mr. Hart was a few questions that I have felt I need more answer to. We all need some more answers and Mr. Hart’s answers are much better then the shutting doors we would get from law enforcement  in the case.  Lets get dirty.

S: Do you see any progress being made in the case?

TJ: Yes I do but only from a investigative end. Law enforcement not sharing information. My team is working on 4 possibilities leads Haleigh has been stolen, Haleigh has been sold, Haleigh is dead, Haleigh has been taken by a well-intended person who did not calculate his/her actions to it’s logical conclusion: Police, FBI, FDLE and local and national TV, Radio and Internet coverage

S: Do you feel any of the main characters surrounding Haleigh’s disappearance are involved in any way?

TJ: Yes

S: Do you sense Ronald Cummings is what he portrays himself to be?

TJ: For the most part

S: Do you sense Crystal Sheffield is what she portrays herself to be?

TJ: For the most part

S: You have been working with Cobra correct?

TJ: Yes and with the community.

S: What does Cobra bring to the search?

TJ: Urgency, commitment, a real gedderdone attitude.

S: Is the “black man” still a hotpoint in the investigation?

TJ: Yes as a person who could point investigators in the right direction.

S: Does Greg Page have anything to do with the identity of the “black man”?


S: Do you know anything about the recent sightings of Haleigh?

TJ: False sightings, not Haleigh

S: Do you see any progress for a timeline from Misty’s interrogations?

TJ: None released recently

S: Do you believe Amber and Nay Nay hold clues to Haleigh’s disappearance?

TJ: I think so

S: Do you think there lifestyles are a factor in this case?

TJ: I believe it’s a great factor.

S: Has the search for Haleigh cooled off amongst the community

TJ: NO people still have there find Haleigh posters they have signs on there cars and the Haleigh Bug Headquarters is up and running.

S: Who does Cobra work for?

TJ: Himself

S: Does your’s and Cobra’s efforts have law enforcement and FBI acknowledgement?

TJ: They know im reporting Cobra’s investigation as an observer. Cobra is the licensed bounty hunter/bondsmen. Yes they are well aware.

S: From what you have seen is there a dangerous element to these characters lifestyles?

TJ: Yes very much so

S: Do you think Ron is involved in the same activites Amber and Nay Nay are involved in?

TJ: Not the same but similiar, Ron has rough friends

S: Is it true Cobra bailed Amber and Nay Nay out of jail? Who paid for it?

TJ: Yes, I dont know who’s money it was.

S: Do you think Misty is the key to Haleigh’s disappearance?

TJ: Last one to see her, key player

S: Do you think she is hiding anything?

TJ: Yes

S: Does the cousin Joe play a role in this case?

TJ: Yes

S: Have there been any foot searches by groups of volunteers recently?

TJ: Mrs. Nevis has asked me and Cobra to come to Satsuma and search the woods near the trailer.

S: What is the general attitude from law enforcement towards the characters involved in the case?

TJ: They dont like talking about them

S: What was the blue van with a scratch in it about? Or was it more nonsense?

TJ: Nonsense it was taken into evidence processed and released.

S: Do you see Ron as having a short fuse?


S: Are there any prior to disappearance open files against Ron in DCF

TJ: Yes a handful, all from Crystal trying to regain custody of children.

S: Do you believe the photos of Haleigh and Jr. with bruises are parental abuse?


S: Do you feel any closer to the truth in Haleigh’s disappearance?

TJ: Yes, its so confounded and complicated we are not dealing with methodical person who is using normal rational thought.

S: Is the investigation hot or cold?


Thank you once again Mr. Hart for taking time from your busy life to spend some time with me answering questions. I am in debt to you sir. Thank you William Cobra Stuabs for your efforts and endless search for this precious child who has touched all of our hearts. Haleigh is fortunate to have you both seeking for the truth that seems impossible to obtain. Your efforts are a blessing to us all.

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