Broward County, Florida- I had the pleasure of getting to spend some time today with Cobra Staubs the private investigator who is searching for Haleigh. It was an honor and a joy to have him take time from his busy schedule to answer my silly little questions. I didn’t ask to interview him because I have stars in my eyes, let me clear that up now. Cobra and TJ Hart are where the news is regarding Haleigh. Go ahead call law enforcement detectives down there covering her disappearance ask questions all you’ll get is shutting doors. Like a friend said its easy to sit back and complain from the side lines. Stand up and take action instead of just running your mouth. See then how you feel.

There is lots of speculation as to Cobra’s credentials and qualifications to be investigating Haleigh’s disappearance. People are upset with him and his involvement in this disappearance. Cobra is a private investigator licensed by the state of Florida, I would rather have him searching for my missing child than some know nothing arm chair detective who cant put the clicker down long enough to scratch there bottoms for a clue.

Stars in my eyes makes me laugh I must say. I don’t know how supporting someone out searching for Haleigh is stars in my eyes. Cobra is doing this for the love of a child not for publicity or name sake. No one seems to understand that he is out breaking his back and his life to find Haleigh. He is not going to give in or up for anyone or lack of anything. People need to back off and give him a break. But thats just my opinion.

Now that I have gotten through the pleasantries lets get dirty. I asked Cobra questions that I needed answers to. This case is full of drama but there are few hard facts. Cobra is the man on the ground and he appears to be the only source of information.  Let me tell you right now there is not much information coming from law enforcement, but people like Cobra and TJ Hart of Sky 97.3 are doing the very best they can to unveil the truth.

 Cobra was kind enough to grant an interview:

S: Are you from Florida?

C: Originally I’m from Virginia, a Virginia common wealth boy. I moved to Florida in 1975, I reside in Broward County.

S: You are a bondsmen and investigator right?

C: I am a licensed private investigator by the state of Florida, a licensed bondsmen in the state of Florida, and a licensed general contractor in the state of Florida.

S: You work for yourself right?

C: Yes I own Case Closed Inc. and Lighting Strike Force bail bonds company

S: Do you believe Haleigh is alive?


S: Is Haleigh being passed around through different people?

C: Yes family type people. I will put it this way, law enforcement does not think a stranger is involved in the abduction.

S: Do you know who has her know?

C: If I did I would be hugging Haleigh right now not here with you.

S: Who has custody of Ron Jr.?

C: Ron Cummings has physical custody of Ron Jr.  They live at Ron’s grandmothers in Welaka, Florida.

S: Do you think Ron Cummings is who he portrays himself to be for the media?

S: Do you think Crystal Sheffield is who she portrays herself to be for the media?

C: NO I don’t think any of them have clean hands.

S: Are Nay Nay and Amber still part of the investigation?

C: Never were. I helped them by trying to get them into rehab to better themselves, but they have reneged on it.

S: Did you ask Ron to go back to the house for another look?

C: Yes, he initially said ok. It was planned for the following day. By that time he had lawyered up. And told me that anything you need you can talk to my lawyer about.

S: Is Ron out searching for his daughter?

C: Hell NO

S: Out of curiosity how much has your search for Haleigh cost you?

C: To date approximately $35,000

S: Are drugs a factor in Haleigh’s disappearance?

C: Ron allowed Misty to care for Haleigh and Jr. after days of partying on drugs. So yes drugs could be a factor.

S: Are you getting opposition from the local commutniy?

C: Yes  but I have some support.

S: Could there be charges for Ron and or Misty when Haleigh is found?

C: Whoever did this needs to be charged

S: Has Ron ever helped you in your search for Haleigh?


S: Has Ron ever thanked you for searching for Haleigh?


S:How close are you to finding Haleigh?

C: Thats on God’s time table, I pray every day.

S: Is there anything you would like to say to the haters? I call them my fannery.

C: Quit your b*tching  get up and help find Haleigh.

S: Cobra I really want to thank you for taking time to talk with me. You have answered a lot of questions that I, and many other people have about this case. I am sure I speak for many people when I say thank you for sticking with this case. If my kids were missing I would want Cobra searching for them.

Thank you, Mr. Staubs for your time. Thank you for not tucking tail and skinning out on Haleigh. God bless you sir.

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