Palatka, Florida- There has been discovery of a heart warming tale entangled amongst the briers where Haleigh Cummings is concerned. There is a woman in Palatka, Florida she is a diamond in the rough. An angel on earth who has taken it upon herself to love and care for children born to drug addicted parents who by all means cannot care for there kids. This woman, who’s name I don’t know, has taken these children in as her own. She is a pillar in her community a resource that is truly a blessing upon children.

She asks that her name be kept private. She isn’t in this for anything except to save the children. She is currently caring for Kristina Prevatt’s child among many others I think eight in total. Kristina is Nay Nay the friend of Misty Croslin-Cummings Haleigh’s step mom the person who’s care Haleigh was under when she went missing. Its a very sad situation down there where these kids are born into. Its a life of drugs, prostitution and immoral activities. The children are subjected to a lifestyle that no child needs to be part of. Parents of these children simply don’t pack the bearings to care for a life they can barely care for themselves.

This woman is a kind hearted loving individual who puts the needs of others, not just others but the needs of the children first. There is nothing more heart warming then that. Eight children none of which are her blood, she cares for them everyday through love. Love is an amazing pure force that is limitless, this womans heart has no boundaries no fences holding her love back. She is a role model to us all, those of us who lack love or just don’t know how to express it. Those who don’t know how to give back in a way to better not just themselves and there community but to better a persons life, a child’s life.

Now she really has nothing to do with Haleigh Cummings other than she knows some of the characters involved in the mix of this mess. She has also become a supporter of Cobra Staubs and is aiding in his investigation. The way I see it is Haleigh needs everyone she can get in her corner. I am well aware that law enforcement detectives are doing a wonderful job with there investigation. Only they aren’t sharing information so it does make it hard to dig up the dirt. Thankfully I have other sources to fill the garden.

This lady is a blessing to all she encounters. The children have hope and a future thanks to her. In such a messed up situation as Haleigh’s disappearance and all the unsavory characters that are involved she really is a shining star. I know this isn’t anything to do about Haleigh but I thought it was a nice way to acknowledge something good in such a terrible occurrence in the life’s of the adults involved in this investigation. She is a God send to the children who need her. The audio is of her and her friend.

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