Satsuma, Florida- We all know who Haliegh Cummings is, you’d have to be living under a rock in Timbuktu not to know who that precious angel of a child is. Snatched from her fathers home never to be seen or heard from again. To bad really, instead of hearing her sweet laughter and seeing her bubbly face we get to endure a drama filled saga at the hands of the characters revolving around her disaappearance. I know that ones income level and criminal history does not define us as to who we are. Does the drama coming out of Haleigh’s world define her disappearance? Does the lifestyles led by the people surrounding her disappearance define why she was abducted? I have been watching and listening to quite a bit unfold in this terrible situation  from the “adults” mixed in, what it appears to me is that Haleigh was growing up in a world infested with drugs and criminal activity. It saddens me to think that she was exposed to that type of life.

I have read a report that described the characters involved in Haleigh’s disappearance and the lifestyles they live. It’s made for tv drama I’ll tell you what. There are drugs, prostitution, violence, cheating, all sorts or poor decisions and morals. Haleigh and these other children all tossed into the mix. There is more then one child in this sad tale not just Haleigh, Jr., Jordyn, and Kristina Prevatt aka Nay Nay has a child also. Its not a secret that when you have drugs and prostitution that there are going to be children produced into that dark existence. Look at statistics of inner cities or any major cities that has high rates of prostitution and drug use. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have methenphetamines at an all time high children are neglected, abused, and left to fend for themselves all the time around here due to drug use. Crack users have multiple children due to trading unprotected sex for a fix. They implemented a sterilization program for drug addicted woman who continue to conceive child after child. Woman are offered a amount of money to have a sterilization implant given to them to prevent them from conceiving more children. It is called the Project Protection program is a long term birth control option for woman addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The lifestyles revolving around the children at the hands of the adults in this case is an atrocity it needs to be addressed and fixed. Haleigh is just one of the children entangled in the immoral lifestyles involved in her disappearance. I have seen poor choices through the eyes of these adults that are focused on in this case. It saddens me deeply to know that not just Haleigh but any child is being subjected to this type of activity, its poor judgment. Children who are born into that type of lifestyle are born to uncaring, unconcerned people who don’t pack the bearings to care for an egg. They don’t have it in there hard wiring to care for a child the only thing they care for is a high, their next fix. And they will use a child to achieve that goal of their next fix. Children are mere pawns to them burdens and pawns only loving them when they can get something from them. Otherwise abandoning them with who ever they can get to do there job as a parent for them. Sometimes it better for the child sometimes its not a good person that they are left in the care of.

Children are not on there top priority it is not their concern to have to deal with the responsibilities of day to day care for there children. I always try and stay focused solely on Haleigh and news that comes out regarding her little tidbits here and there when its released and what I get from my sources on the ground in Florida. I simply have to point this out. These children are born into a life that is unfit for any child. Haleigh was under the nose of a teenage girl who was loaded on all types of drugs and alcohol prior to her disappearance. It to me is a huge mistake to allow someone in Misty’s condition and recreational habits to care for anything let alone a child. I know she was doing all of that partying before Haleigh disappeared. Non the less she was not in any state of mind to care for a child. I wouldn’t trust her with my kids if my life depended on it, not in a million years. Ron knew what Misty is into he knew yet he still allowed her to care for his kids. I don’t know what Ron is into whether its drugs or alcohol like the rest of the characters in this mix what I do know is the girl he trusted his children with is. Misty should never of been allowed to care for anyone child.

Love for the child or not she is not capable of providing proper child care due to her state of mind from drug and use. It has been reported on and confirmed Misty was out doing questionable things during the days leading up to Haleigh’s disappearance. Was it her days off while she was doing this? I find it hard to stomach that Ron would allow a person with such immoral life choices to tend to his children. Far be it that he finds a suitable person who is capable in there mind to care for his children. I don’t really lay blame on Ron or Crystal for her abduction, but I do hold Ron responsible for allowing  a person who uses hardcore drugs to keep watch of his children. At any given point in time those kids could of been hurt or injured. Actually one of them was abducted under her care. 

A person with drugs of that nature in there system are so impaired that even though they feel they are doing a good job they are not. It leads me to question Ron and his choices of child care, why choose a person who is so obviously mixed up in drugs and a lifestyle that is unfit for any child? Is the case that he had no clue of her drug use? I would find that hard to believe myself that he had no idea what she is into. This leads me to his ex girlfriend Amber Brooks and there child together Jordyn she too is a drug user. Recently she and Kristina Nay Nay Prevatt were both arrested and found to have cocaine on them. I don’t think that this type of activity was unknown to Ron. How could he allow his children to be under the care of a drug user.

More and more I think about this and it bothers me. Ron could of prevented this all by having a capable sufficiant person caring for his kids. This element that is saturating this case is horrifying that these children are apart of the choices of these drug addicts. There is a huge problem in that area the children are the true victims having to endure care at the hands of  adults who can’t care for themselves let alone a child. There is hope though there is a diamond in the rough I have reported on her previously she takes in children born to drug addicted parents and cares for them as her own. She has even taken in Kristina Nay Nay Prevatts child as her own. What is revolving around Haleigh is a big muddy mess that seems to be getting muddier by the day. Cobra even offered a rehabilitation, education and parenting program for the girls Amber and Kristina to get clean and become suitable parents to there children. The reneged on it though, I would imagine the lust for the drugs is much more powerful then the love for the child. Heart breaking extremely heart breaking. These parents know there are options to better themselves for there children yet they deny it and continue on there destructive path of immoral behaviour. I hope that they can wake up and smell the reality for what it is. These are children not toys they arent throw away items. They need love and care they need parents who will nurture them and protect them.

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