Satsuma, Florida- Like any other day I google Haleigh Cummings name to get caught up on the news its normally something that I have written that pops up on my screen. Or else its something about one of her parents. I think the most recent report regarding Haleigh besides my own is one of her father Ronald Cummings being let go from his job. Another report was about her mother suffering a seizure and blooding herself up after a fall at the Haleigh Bug Headquarters. Nothing new though in regards to Haleigh. Nothing from law enforcement, no press conferences, no be on the look outs, nothing.

Thankfully I have other sources on this matter besides the old google search. Cobra Staubs the investigator has been out searching day and night for Haleigh. We had him as a guest on the radio show this week. He was an amazing person to have with us. He opened up the path for many of us who are so deeply involved with Haleigh and the hope that she will return. I was at a low point in my faith and belief that she would come home alive. Cobra lifted my spirits and gave me  hope to bring mine back to life.

Cobra stated that he believes Haleigh is alive. Not with the same person who abducted her, he laid it on the line for whoever it is holding her hostage, to just take her to the nearest fire department or hospital and drop her off. They will know what to do from there. I am not putting Haleigh above any other missing child in this world they all are equally important. Haleigh though is one of the most sought after children in America today. There is a force to be reckoned with that is never going to stop until she is returned.  I will never stop writing on Haleigh until she is returned or until the truth is revealed.

So Haleigh may be alive out there in the hands of some irrational loser? Who would do this and why? Why abduct her what is it about her that these people wanted? Was it lack of thoughtful planning and considering the attention that it may attract? Was she sold to someone?  There is another thing that Cobra said on air that bothered me quite a bit, Ron isn’t out searching for his daughter he has never even put a  tank of gas in Cobra’s vehicle. I wanted to ask but forgot to bring it up has he ever thanked Cobra for not giving up hope and working tirelessly to bring Haleigh home? 

Would Ron just allow Haleigh to be long and forgotten if Cobra wasn’t in the picture searching for her?

The way I see it I too have interest in this for her to be returned home. I too have a stake in this, Haleigh  is in my heart grafted with the rest of them. She needs to be returned she needs to be freed from whoever is holding her captive. She in not a piece of property she is not owned by no one. She is of her own free spirit that has the right like anyone else to be just that free. Hearing Cobra say that Haleigh is alive and being held by someone only enrages me at the poor choices of whoever it is involved in this. They need to bring her home we are all standing in that unforgiving desert at that empty crossroad waiting, wondering, longing for her return. To hear that someone has her only makes it more deep the wounds of unknowing. How is she being treated, are they feeding her properly, is she clothed properly, does she have a bed to sleep in, is she being monitored for her medical issues. I want to know and I want to know now.

I know I am a Joe Nobody in the grand scheme of this child’s disappearance and thats fine with me. What I am is a writer who looks at this child’s face day in and day out my heart is filled with Haleigh. My mind is twisted around her precious finger. My life has been engulfed with her. She needs to be returned I will echo what Cobra said on the air Sunday. Just drop her off at a fire station and haul tail out of there, the people at the fire station will know what to do from there. No one cares who you are or what part you play in this. We just want Haleigh back all of us whether we are minor in the whole thing or whether we are a big part of this case. We all want her returned.

Cobra you should be commended for your work to bring Haleigh home. You are where I wish I could be. I thank you for your endless search for Haleigh and the truth of her disappearance. Honestly there isn’t enough words I could say to express my joy and care for Cobra that he isn’t backing down or tucking tail and running. He is out there fighting to bring Haleigh home. We all play a part in this for her. Small or large Haleigh has a team that is out there solely for her.

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