Satsuma Florida- Investigators searching for Haleigh Cummings have requested samples from her family and those involved in the case. They have gotten DNA samples from Haleigh’s mother Crystal, her father Ron, and Misty, Ron’s girlfriend who was home at the time Haleigh disappeared. Investigators believe Haleigh was abducted. They have given few details or statements regarding the investigation. Investigators told Haleigh’s biological grandmother Marie Griffis that they have no clues. Haleigh’s younger brother Jr. told their mother Crystal that “a man in black took Haleigh”.

The double wide trailer that Haleigh shared with her father Ron and Misty, his girlfriend and younger brother Jr. has been released from a crime scene back to Ron. He declines to stay there though knowing his daughter was taken out of her bed. Misty was the last adult to see Haleigh before she was abducted. Misty has told different accounts as to what she remembers happening the night Haleigh disappeared. She claims she put Haleigh and Jr. to bed at 8 pm on February 9th and stayed up to do some laundry then went to bed at 10 pm. She says she woke up around 3 am and found the back screen  door propped open with bricks and the kitchen light on. Haleigh and her brother and Misty were all sleeping in the same room together when Haleigh was abducted. Her little mattress is on the floor not even four feet from where Misty was asleep.

The back screen door was propped open with the bricks, because it slams loudly when opened. Haleigh’s bed is maybe 25 feet from the back door that was suspected of being used to exit when taking Haleigh from the home. Misty has said that investigators should check  into her cousin “Jo” who is known for breaking into homes and propping the doors open with bricks. Investigators have received 2,400 tips from all sorts of people including psychic’s. Haleigh has been missing for almost one month. That is a long time for a small child her age to be missing. I pray they find her.

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