Still waiting for details on this mornings happenings in Putnam County. Investigator William “Cobra” Staubs is charged with false imprisonment, the charges stem from him attempting to revoke the bond of suspected child molester Daniel Snodgrass who lives in the Putnam County.

I will be updating this story as details come in. We have just received some raw video of TJ Hart interviewing William “Cobra” Staubs immediately after the hearing.

Cobra sounded upbeat following the hearing and feels confident that this matter can be resolved prior to the next hearing.

At the heart of the case is the question of who asked him to revoke the bond? Clearly as Cobra was in possession of the file, someone must have given him the file. Why would they do that if they did not want Mr Snodgrass picked up? In the raw video Cobra surmises that the insurance company is merely trying to avoid a law suit by putting the blame on him.

There is a plea deal on the table, and the prosecutors are turning the heat up by threatening to add a gun charge if the deal is not taken.

Raw Video Here.

Simon Barrett

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