Sastuma Florida-  The home of Haleigh Cummings that has been taped off for weeks now has been released back to her father Ron Cummings. Her father Ron says that he wont be staying there knowing that his child was taken from her bed. The crime scene tape was taken down today.  Searchers continued there search through wooded areas. Cadaver dogs are still searching around her home and the woods surrounding Haleigh’s home.

Thursday a cadaver dog alerted to a construction site dumpster but no evidence was found. A man from Jacksonville Bryan Selzer is helping in the search for Haleigh.  He said “We’re just doing a different area today. We’re hitting mostly the wooded area that we are searching again, we are searching that for the second time to make sure that everything covered”

There are seven cadaver dogs searching for missing Haleigh. They searched the neighborhood that Haleigh lives on Thursday but came up empty handed. Bryan Selzer stated, “Going through the woods is more difficult then it looks.  It just takes a lot longer, we have to take more breaks more often for the dogs to recover.  But it’s a do-able, just takes longer.” The cadaver dogs are sniffing underneath mobile homes where the paneling is.  They are checking if a body was placed underneath any of the local residents homes. The canine searcher teams are from Canine South out of South Georgia.  

They will be searching until the end of Friday. Misty Croslin is reported to of been taken in for more questioning.  She was the last one to see Haleigh on Friday when she put her to bed.   Haleigh was at home asleep with her brother Jr. and Misty Croslin when she went missing. 

Haleigh’s family released a short video of Haleigh and her little brother Jr. opening presents on Christmas last year.  The video is only 41 seconds long.  They are hoping it will help generate valuable tips on Haleigh’s where abouts.  Jr. Haleigh’s little brother says that a man in black took Haleigh. 

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