Writing and reporting on missing children is not an easy thing to do if you are a parent or someone who deeply cares about children. You tend to take it personal and start to feel like the child is like your own or a close relative that you love.

In February we heard about little 5 year old Haleigh Cummings missing with her 17 year old then babysitter being the last to have seen her. Since then we have seen on national TV Haleigh’s father, Ronald Cummings, her mother, Crystal Sheffield, her now ex-stepmother, Misty Croslin and her grandmother’s from both sides of the family talking about little Haleigh missing. Talking to the family has done nothing in this case to help find Haleigh, not to mention in laws and friends and even Sex Offenders.

I hear and read everyday complaints from people about where is all this reporting on this one or that one doing this or that got to do with finding Haleigh. Well I guess if you look at it through the eyes of some it means nothing but in the eyes of others it means everything.

Now I am no psychiatrist but from what I know about them, in order to find out the root of a patients problem they have to dig into their past and all those that are a part of it. This seems to help explain the actions of the said patient.

The point here is that we need to dissect each and every member of the family here to find out what each may or may not be capable of. My husband, Simon and I are not directly taking sides in this case yet. We feel that everyone should be investigated thoroughly and then all the cards should be set on the table to put together like a puzzle would be.

This whole case is like a giant puzzle with only a few remaining pieces missing and in order to find those missing pieces we need to start over and go through every clue given and not overlook anyone involved here.

There are so many theories as to what happened to Haleigh. I have a theory that I choose to keep to myself until I get more evidence. I am sure Simon has his as I am sure even TJ Hart has one. Just because we have our own ideas doesn’t make us right or wrong. It is just a theory but without theories where does one look for clues?

Let me make one thing clear to those that want to criticize us for doing things the way we are. We are NOT Ron-haters, we are NOT Crystal-haters, we are NOT Misty-haters and we are NOT Kim Picazio-haters (although my opinion of her is a different story too). All we are trying to do is find those missing pieces so hopefully it will lead us to the answer we all need, WHERE IS HALEIGH?

We report what we get. Someone has to keep this child’s name in the news so she won’t be put on a back burner as the key players eventually move on with their lives and she is forgotten. Haleigh shouldn’t be remembered only on her birthday or on the anniversary of the date she disappeared or at Christmas. She should be remembered every day until she is found.

Some think Haleigh is no longer with us. I happen to think in my heart she is. I can’t let go of the hope that she is safe somewhere. The fact remains that no matter how it turns out she needs to be found. Someone knows something and unless we pick it out of the right one, we will never know who that someone is.

I often wonder if she is alive somewhere, is she OK? Is she being well taken care of and is she being loved like an adorable little gift from God should be? Does she know the world is looking for her and wondering about where she could be? Will she be somewhere that she can enjoy Christmas with gifts to open like other children will be doing on Christmas morning? Will she be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with someone that is taking care of her?

To be honest I hope and pray she is, at least she will be alive and not missing out on all this that children her age look forward to.

Please help us find Haleigh Marie Cummings! Help us bring her home. She needs to be home again with her little brother. Help me in saying a prayer for Haleigh to bring her home as well as all the others we report about. I am not going to list them all right now as I think this should be for Haleigh, but I know who the others are. They will all remain in my prayers. God bless all of you that care. Let’s stand together in this and find out what happened to this little girl, please.

Jan Barrett

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