This article tugged at my heart strings. It proves to me that there are decent people out there. Armando is a gentleman that I have great respect for. Unlike so many others that prefer the safety of their own computer, he took some time out to actually visit Satsuma. It was by no means his first visit, he and his young family lived not far from the area when Haleigh Cummings first went missing. One would think that with the little girls 6th birthday, and the 6 month anniversary of her disappearance, a small town like Satsuma would be a buzz – Simon

I wrote this article simply to help in the finding of Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings. As everyone knows this little girl was abducted from her home in Satsuma Fl, but not many have had the opportunity to go there themselves and see the suspicious settings and rural areas in which she could have vanished into. I took it up on my self to drive there and have a look around shall we say. But with one thing in mind to see how many fliers or post about Haleigh I would find. I never intended to go there as a spectator or some hero but rather a concerned citizen worried about the whereabouts of a missing child, I was able to take a few pictures that kept me thinking.

The streets were empty. The locals spoke about football games and fishing. The police I noticed seemed to be having a normal day. The sad thing to me about all that was that I was minutes away from Haleigh’s house and not one rose bush on the side of the road, or a sign reading “WE MISS YOU HALEIGH”, no memorial or sign of a community morning a missing child. I know to some it may sound harsh but not even a poster or flier saying MISSING CHILD! As I drove closer my heart began to beat faster with the thought “what if this was my child?”

I stopped at Monroe and Green Ln and started to wonder if I should do this. The whole trip, the whole mission sort of say was simply to see how the community was taking the whole thing, how many fliers or posters or memorials or any awareness of Haleigh missing I saw. So far nothing, but I was confident that maybe in her street would be different. I made a right on Monroe and slowly drove through, scared, anxious, just wanting to see something that represents the little girl who everyone has become obsessed with (some for good some for bad) missing, and again nothing. Nothing on HER road, nothing.

I drove through this dirt road and the trailers are not as bad as some may perceive. The trailer next to where Haleigh once played around and ate her meals and lived in was empty. So I figure I would get out of my truck and look around. I stood at the trailer which pointed directly to the back door where Haleigh was taken out off. My heart sunk to the ground as my prayers were silently mumble to myself and God. I just stared in disbelieve.

I quickly called my wife who was picking up our oldest daughter from her aunts and broke down on her. Broke down knowing that this could have been my child innocently living her life, and some scum individual can lurk through the shadows preying on her. I took some pictures and left immediately. I jumped in my truck and punched the pedal down and ripped through this community that does not even have the decency to post a simple flier for Haleigh. On my way out I stopped at the St John’s River Club and several gas stations and even MeeMa’s and nothing. They know about her but no signs. Seems the whole town is under wraps.

Woods behind the trailer, is this where she went?

I did this just to see what attention Haleigh was receiving in her home town, seems to me like the bloggers care more. Sorry but it’s true. I’ve read a lot of comments and some are positive wishing Haleigh well and others are frustrated asking for answers. And the truth is we are all entitled to our own opinion. Whether one agrees or the other doesn’t. We all have a genuine concern for this little girl. And that is why Balloons for Haleigh seem so right to me. Because in the mist of all of us disagreeing and bickering, on the 17th we have one common; filling the sky with purple and red balloons. The ones that wish her well, and the ones who think the family is involved, and the ones who just want her FOUND. We no longer have that uncommon but now we all agree on releasing these balloons into the air. Now that’s sharing a common.


 Front of property – Not a flier in sight!

In ending, everyone from TJ Hart to Simon, Cobra and all of those who comment and post and blog and call in with your opinions to Simon’s show are doing more for Haleigh then her own community. I did not see not one flier or post asking for Haleigh Cummings whereabouts. Not one memorial in her honor. No red and purple ribbons around trees. NOTHING. I left my daughter’s teddy bear at Haleigh’s intersection. I did not see anything else! Whether it’s because they have been instructed to or threatened or maybe they just don’t care if Haleigh went missing. I don’t know that’s up to us to decide as the ones who care that Haleigh Cummings is found.

This is not to take shots at any member of the Satsuma community; it was simply to see how many fliers or post was seen. None.

Thank You


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