Satsuma, Florida- There is hardly a drop of news in the mud puddle these days concerning Haleigh Cummings. There is plenty of silt being stirred at the bottom making the waters muddier. There literally has been nothing new regarding Haleigh in days and days. Poor Haleigh left by the media, abandoned by all around her, no searches, no nothing but sitting around and waiting by the phone for that one critical tip to be called in. Seems a sad way to exist in a missing child case, I would want more action not delay, Haleigh is out there alive or dead she needs to come home. Her family needs closure. We all need to know what happened to Haleigh.

I read a report by my editor that there was a tip regarding needing the services of a cadaver dog, now while I know very little of this, it saddens me to hear that there is a tip of that out there. Need to gain access to a cadaver dog? Sinks my heart, I would rather believe in ignorant bliss that she is alive in the care of someone out there. Not the need for a cadaver dog no way not my girl, I do have a report from the ground, I am declining to touch on it because it is pure drama, side show, no good trash that doesn’t need to be mixed in between this case. Its sad to say the least that Haleigh has been shoved aside for fights to be played out in the media. Very sad to me this is happening to Haleigh. Just like Caylee the media is focusing on the tabloid drama and not finding the child. Who cares what she says or he says, I sure as hell don’t, get out and find Haleigh. Shake it up, rattle them cages go for Haleigh. Haleigh is assumed to be a living breathing child out there in the custody of an abductor  she remains assumed living until otherwise is proven. Haleigh is not a media circus for drama craving hounds to use her as.

I wish that it would get back to Haleigh, she needs us to keep focus on her solely on her. I heard there are buttons, t-shirts, and fliers being put out for her by her mother and the foundations supporting them in their search effort. I had said before that their support was more of a joke then a help, are they the only ones out searching? Getting her name out there? Not that I agree with who is out putting up the effort I must say at least there is someone out there making an effort for her. Jr. must miss his sissy dearly, no more playmate, no one to show him the ropes. How did this disappearance turn into such a mess? When did it go from being about Haleigh to being about a bunch of garbage that has no meaning to the cause. Our cause should be Haleigh first and forth most nothing else. Our cause should be keeping her name in the know, not ranting and raving about meaningless trash. Poor Haleigh I hope that when she is found she can get past all of this never having to see what her disappearance was turned into. You know I am one of few reporting on Haleigh Cummings, very few.  Here, besides me is my editors we share this case we are a family here and Haleigh is one of our own. We feel pain, heartache, and turmoil each day that the sun comes up over this desert and there is no Haleigh. Her crossroad is still barren and unforgiving, Haleigh come home. We all long for that, its our greatest desire just for her to return with her sunshine smile and intoxicating eyes. Haleigh come home we are all standing in this harsh, dry desert waiting breathless for your shining face to grace us once again.

I contacted my source today and requested an update, like I said it was disappointing not news worthy to say the least. Just once I’d like to hear that there is a break in the case, a real break. Sometimes I think I’ll be reporting on Haleigh forever. Waiting, hoping for her return. Its such a mystery how she could vanish with no clues left behind. No hairs, or fibers, or stains that reek of death. Absolutely nothing, if she did investigators have yet to disclose it. The last person to see her still has yet to come up with a solid time line for the hours in question. Not even the best and brightest detectives can get it out of her. Misty seems to hold clues she may not realize she holds, I don’t know if she is hiding anything. It is said she led some pretty wild nights up to the day Haleigh disappeared. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll is the way its been described, I read a report it was marijuana, coke, alcohol and pills now I don’t know where the rock and roll came in but with all that I don’t doubt it was there. Misty should never of been allowed to tend to them children I would never not in a million years let someone in her mental condition watch my children. I can only shake my head at that notion. No one saw anything in that small trailer park  no one not a neighbor not a passerby not nothing. Its very discouraging to know nothing new is on the ground in Satsuma. It is with deep sadness that I write this article. I don’t want anyone to assume I am going anywhere just because I am quiet on the reporting end. The garden needs dirt, not garbage, I enjoy writing about Haleigh alongside my editors. It brings a connection to our family that we have grown into here at BNN. Haleigh we here all love you and wish you home. God bless Haleigh Cummings.

Haleigh is a five year old girl she is around three feet tall and weighs about thirty nine pounds. She has been missing for quite sometime children grow and change. She may be disguised, she has a birthmark on her left cheek. Please call Putnam County Sheriffs office with any information (386) 329-0800. Thank you.

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