Satsuma Florida- The father of Haleigh Cummings, Ron wants focus to be taken off of him and his personal life. He wants focus re-directed back onto his daughter Haleigh. Ron feels that the media has been focusing on him and his past record and allegations that he is a abuser and a drug user.

Ron and his new wife Misty went to New York this morning to do an interview for the Today Show. Ron and Misty blasted the media for keeping the focus on him and his life. He believes that investigators are doing a good job in there search for Haleigh. Ron and Misty both feel that the media has painted Ron in a bad light due to the allegations from Crystal and her mother Marie.

Haleigh went missing on February 10th  during the early morning hours. Misty was the last adult to have any contact with Haleigh before she disappeared. Misty has been questioned numerous times about what happened the night Haleigh went missing. Misty has claimed that she put Haleigh and Jr. to bed at 8pm and stayed up to do some laundry and then went to bed herself at 10pm. Misty says she awoke at 3am to use the toilet when she noticed the kitchen light was on. She says she got up to check on the light and realized the back door was open with the screen propped open by bricks. She says that she then ran back to the room to call Ron at work and realized then that Haleigh was gone.

Crystal Sheffield came forward after Haleigh’s disappearance and said that Jr. Haleigh’s younger brother told her that a man in black took Haleigh that night. All of the adults involved in this investigation have been required to give polygraph tests. They have all been asked to give DNA samples also. Investigators brought in cadaver dogs to aid in the ground search for Haleigh. It produced nothing. Investigators have had thousands of tips come in regarding Haleigh and her disappearance many of them from psychics. Investigators were following false leads up the First Coast and across state lines into Tennesssee. Investigators recently searched US 17 about 30 feet off on each side. Putnam County investigators have told Haleigh’s grandmother Marie that they have nothing. Investigators have been very tight lipped about there investigation and any results of the polygraph tests. They have yet to comment on Jr.’s claim that a man in black took Haleigh.

Anyone with information regarding Haleigh, her where abouts or her abductor are asked to contact Putnam County Sheriffs office (386) 329-0800 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477) .

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