It is hard to believe but another birthday is approaching us for a little girl that has been missing now since February 10, 2009. HaLeigh Cumming’s name became a well known name across the country when reports were made that she was missing one night after her then babysitter woke in the middle of the night claiming the child was gone. For more on that you can read here.

HaLeigh has not been forgotten by many. She has not been found and although some feel she is gone, some keep hanging onto the hope that she is still out there alive just not able to find her way home. Personally I can’t help but to hold onto the thought that she is alive and just can’t come home, but that is my own opinion.

If HaLeigh was home now she would be celebrating her 11th birthday on August 17 this year. In honor of her birthday, her family will be gathering in the parking lot of Bramlit’s Plumbing in Palatka, Florida located at the corner of St. John’s Avenue and Hwy. 19 in Palatka between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on the 17th.

They will be accepting donations of school supplies to help replenish HaLeigh’s Closet at Browning Pearce Elementary School, where HaLeigh attended school before she disappeared.

The donations are distributed to the children in the school that simply can not afford the high cost of school supplies. It helps assure that all the children will have a fair chance at having the supplies needed in their classes. They say no donation is too small and it is greatly appreciated, even if it is only a quarter for a writing tablet or a pencil.

Here is a list of things needed for example:

1. Wide ruled paper
2. Crayons
3. #2 leaded pencils
4. Colored pencils
5. Backpacks for the older students

There will be a release of 11 balloons at 2:17 p.m. in honor of HaLeigh’s birthday. I am never able to attend these celebrations so I always light a candle for HaLeigh at this time. This little girl is in my heart and I will never forget her.

So please join HaLeigh’s family again this year and if you have it please donate to HaLeigh’s Closet. You can send money or supplies to the school at the following address:

Browning-Pearce Elementary School
100 Bear Blvd,
San Mateo, FL 32187 |
(386) 329-0557

Checks or money orders should be made out to Browning-Pearce Elementary but please be sure to write on the check or money order that it is for HaLeigh’s Closet to assure that it is going to the right place.

If you would prefer to buy the supplies yourself and give them to the school you are welcomed to do that also, just once again be sure to say it goes to HaLeigh’s Closet.

I thank all of you in advance for helping keep the memory of HaLeigh going. If she is no longer with us, I am sure she is watching from somewhere up above us and if she is still around, imagine how she would feel knowing that she was never forgotten. God Bless you HaLeigh, where ever you are. Your family and friends love and miss you. God bless your family as well.

Jan Barrett

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