Satsuma Florida- Haleigh Cummings has been missing for almost a month now. It’s hard to believe that it’s gone by so quickly. It seems just the other day we heard of her and her mysterious disappearance there is a lot of speculation around the nation as to what befell that beautiful child. Ron and Misty remain vigilant they have no clue who abducted Haleigh or regarding her where abouts. As does her mother Crystal Sheffield.

Misty is the last adult to see Haleigh before she disappeared. Misty has told different stories as to her account of what happened that night. Investigators  have questioned her multiple times, sometimes for hours at a time. Misty has eluded to one of her cousins who has a criminal history of breaking into homes and propping open the residence doors with bricks. The door at Haleigh’s home was found propped open with a cinder block. It was noticed when Misty realized Haleigh was missing. The light was on also. Misty claims the door was shut and locked and the light was off when she went to bed.

Haleigh’s little brother Jr. Ron’s biological son told his mother Crystal that a “a man in black took sissy.” Investigators were following false leads up the First Coast all the way into Tennessee. They searched Haleigh’s neighborhood with special trained cadaver dogs from South Georgia. It turned up nothing. One of the dogs alerted on a construction dumpster, no evidence was found. Investigators told Haleigh’s biological grandma Marie Griffis that they have “no clues” in Haleigh’s disappearance. 

Four weeks is a long time for a child Haleigh’s age to be missing. I don’t know the statistics for the probability a child will be found alive and what amount of time it takes to assure that outcome. I only hope its not to late for Haleigh. She is an adorable little girl. She deserves to be home with her daddy. Ron Cummings got a tribute tattoo for his daughter on his right calf. A picture of her face and the words “Daddy’s little girl always” I think its a nice way to profess your love for your child. I hope Haleigh gets to see it. Anyone with tips regarding Haleigh and her disappearance are asked to call Crimestoppers at 888-277-TIPS.

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