I had a feeling that this program was going to run ‘long’. Rather than the regular 90 minutes we decided to run a two hour program instead. We still managed to run out of time! Our focus was on three ongoing cases.

We started with Zachary Pittman, a missing 26 year old man who literally disappeared into thin air a year ago. On the program we mentioned that while we were on air Zach’s mother Christy Ragas and a group of volunteers were searching an area of the Honey Island Swamp area. That search, which included cadaver dogs and also a boat equipped with a side scan sonar came up empty handed. I am hoping that next week Christy will be able to join us on the program and give us a complete run down on what is happening with the case.

The Caylee Anthony case took an interesting turn this week. Somewhere in the region of 5000 pages of discovery were released. Among the items were a number of letters to and from Casey Anthony. They shed an interesting light on the dynamics within the Anthony family. Both Peter Hyatt and Dave Knechel had plenty to say on this subject. The transcript that I found of most interest was the interview with the Reverend Richard Grund. I have talked with Richard on several occasions, in fact more than once he has made appearances on our Sunday program. While he made no effort to disguise his disdain for the Anthony family I did not realize just how deep it went.

There has been little new information emerging in the Haleigh Cummings case this week, the only new news was that Tommy Croslin has been transferred to the Putnam jail facility pending sentencing.

This weeks panel consisted of Simon and Jan Barrett, crime writer Denny Griffin, Dave Knechel (AKA Marinade Dave), investigator Peter Hyatt, and my good buddy William Cobra Staubs.

If you missed the live program you can listen to the recording here. You will also get a free lesson on Iguana wrangling!

Simon and Jan Barrett

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