Once again our illustrious panel convened to discuss both the Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings cases. Alas Denny Griffin was unable to join us, he is on his way back to Sin City, but the rest of the crowd were in attendance, Jan Barrett, TJ Hart, and William Cobra Staubs.

We kicked off the program with an update on the Caylee Anthony case. While the prosecutors keep their lips zipped on the case, the ‘Dream team’ led by Jose Baez seem to have a unique ability to open their mouths and insert their feet. This week was a classic example. Because Jose Baez has such little experience in capitol cases (he still has his training wheels on the death bike), he was forced to tag up with an adult. He selected Andrea Lyon, her credentials looked solid, and to date she is happy to brag that she has never had a person she has represented put to death.

I have to admit that I am no fan of capital punishment, in fact I would vote against it every time I had the opportunity. There is another part of me though that says that people that take a life, should forfeit their life.

Ms Lyon’s managed to make the news, and yet dodge the news this week. WFTV launched a deliciously tasty article about Andrea Lyon concerning a lecture that she gave. In it she accused jurors of being killers. Needless to say, some feathers were ruffled, and according to the Orlando Sentinel, WFTV took down the article at the request of the company that organized the lecture. The internet though is very much like the genie and bottle story. Once it is out you cannot push it back in. Within minutes of one article being yanked, the recording of Ms Lyon talking about killer jurors was found on YouTube. The good old boy network does not seem to work as well with YouTube (link is in the article) as it did with WFTV.

One wonders if Ms Lyon will call the jurors killers to their faces when Casey Anthony finally hits the court system. I think not!

The Haleigh Cummings story was equally frustrating this week. It was another week of aggravation for everyone involved. Hank Croslin Sr managed to get himself arrested for ‘doctor shopping’, apparently he managed to amass some 300 tablets of Oxy’s and who knows what else. I honestly had not understood the financial gain, but as best I can understand a pill might cost $3 at the pharmacy, but can be worth $30 in the right market.

The search for Haleigh Cummings continues, it is frustrating, sometimes it is so frustrating that I just want to throw my hands up and say ‘ENOUGH”. To do that would admit defeat, it would be easy, it would allow me to walk away and find new projects. But neither Jan nor I are willing to do that, I know that TJ has the same mind set. Bill to his buddies, Cobra to the masses is the same way.  We all want only one thing, Haleigh Cummings comes home safe.

You can listen to the whole program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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