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In the Casey Anthony case we have Fridays court appearance to discuss. That likely ill take about 20 seconds. Many people were hoping that the new judge would step up to the plate and force Baez into going to trial earlier than May 2011. I am sure that there will be a new flurry of motions from the defense and rather than moving the trial date forward he will be recommending a date in 2020! I for one find it odd, Jose Baez was the guy that told judge Strickland that he had proof that his client Casey Anthony was innocent. Strickland gave Baez the ultimate length of rope, he set a Feb 2010 date for Baez to come forward with his BOMSHELL evidence , needless to say, that date came and went. I wonder why that might be?

Over on the Haleigh Cummings case, once again the PCSO has gone quiet. This is hardly new, it is their MO. I don’t wish to share the names, but we have been bouncing a document around for a few days. It is by no means something that has evidentiary value, but I have shared it with the PCSO. Sometimes it is good to take a fresh look at a case.

One thing is clear, handing down a 15 year sentence to Hope Sykes, who most view as a ‘bit player’ in the drug story must have the rest of the gang having fits.

To me the 15 years for Hope Sykes sends a very clear message. If you cannot pick it up you need a hearing aid. The PCSO and FDLE are no longer in a deal making mode. Justice will be served, and it will be harsh. It is possible that Tommy Croslin will be the first to crack. All roads lead to sister Misty Croslin, but it is very clear that Tommy knows a lot more than he is saying.

It should be an interesting program. To listen in, point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before we hit the air, the link will be on the website, or you can use this direct link, click here.

It should be an interesting program.

Simon Barrett

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