It is going to be another busy weekend for BNN on the radio. On Sunday at 3pm (central) we will be running our weekly look back at the Haleigh Cummings case. Some might say that there is no new news, they would be wrong. There are lots of topics to chew over.

Here is one that you can mull over. When Kim Picazio filed her Bar Complaint response she made it clear, crystal clear, that Art Harris had been retained as a media advisor to assist in the rehabilitation of Crystal Sheffield’s reputation The entire set of documents are here. Art was furious when this information was made public. In fact I was told by a source very, very, close to the case that Mr. Harris actually asked Ms. Picazio to retract part of her evidence, particularly the incriminating evidence that implicated Art as being a hired gun. This week the Bald Truth has been busting a ball on Nancy Grace, “they need to look at cousin Joe”, we have heard this so many times it is a joke. Who is he working for now?  Even Nancy Grace seems to be rolling her eyes about this one. Is Art back on the Sheffield payroll?

Leonard Padilla is also doing his best to re-insert himself into not just this case, but also the Caylee Anthony case. What is interesting is that the lawyers involved are giving him a big ‘thumbs down’.  Of course the final decision has to reside with the client, will Misty jump at the chance of springing free and owing the Big Hatted one $135K?

Over on the Caylee side it would appear that the folks holding the mortgage for George and Cindy Anthony have had enough. Bank Of America have filed a foreclosure notice. The only surprising part about this is that the bank waited for 9 months to take this action. Apparently the last payment received was in May/2009.

One has to wonder what happened to the $100k that George and Cindy received from a well known TV cable station to use the photos? One also wonders why the Anthony’s decided to go on a cruise rather than pay the mortgage?

There is also news in the Somer Thompson case. TJ Hart is closer to this one than I am, I will just wait for his update on Sunday.

To listen in just point your browser to a few minutes before 3pm, you will see the link on the front page.

Simon Barrett

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