We will be running our regular weekly radio program at 3pm Central on Sunday April 18. It has been quite a week and there is plenty to discuss in both cases.

The PCSO has switched their focus from Haleigh Cummings being missing to Haleigh Cummings being the victim of a homicide. This ups the ante for the players involved.

The case picked up momentum last Monday evening when a Private Investigator shared his 10 months of findings with the PCSO, this resulted in a full blown search of a small area of the St. Johns river, specifically a boat dock in Shell Harbour.


The search commenced on Tuesday at 10 am and the PCSO tried their very best to keep the event low profile but within a short time the site became a media circus. BNN did have a reporter on site and I am hoping that Armando Aldazabal will be joining us on the program to tell us about what he saw and heard. He had the opportunity to talk with some police officials and also witnessed some confrontations between the press and law enforcement. It is said that at least one reporter from a Fox affiliate station was arrested, I am hoping that Armando can fill us in on this particular event,

The search wrapped up on Friday and although the PCSO are being very tight lipped it is possible that some items of interest were found. One rumor is that two cinder blocks were removed together with a length of yellow rope. At least two sources have mentioned seeing yellow rope in the back yard of the Cummings trailer shortly after Haleigh was reported missing.

A pivotal moment in the search came on Wednesday evening when PCSO personnel brought a handcuffed Misty Croslin to the search site. What was discussed has not been revealed, however a communique from the PCSO indicates that they do have ‘persons of interest’ and that they are receiving co-operation from them.

There have also been the usual raft of red herrings however they are getting easier to spot.

Over in the Caylee Anthony case we have yet more antics from the defense team of Baez and company. In a move that is insane Baez has filed a motion to have Judge Strickland removed because of his interaction with a blogger. All I can say is beware of what you wish for. Strickland has given Baez considerably more leeway than many other judges would have, a change in judge could have a very detrimental effect on the defense team.

The exact make-up of the panel is still being ironed out but it should be a great program. To listen in point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com at 3pm central tomorrow, or click here.

See you all on Sunday

Simon and Jan Barrett

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