Both of these stories make my hair curl and give me a huge headache. One tot Caylee Anthony is most certainly dead. Caylee Anthony will never go to her prom, she will never have a career, never have a family. She was murdered. The only viable culprit is her mother Casey Anthony. Of course that does not prevent the defense (nightmare) team from spreading their net far and wide, in their attempt to keep Casey Anthony from the death sentence.

A favorite scape goat seems to be Jessie Grund. A more ridiculous claim I cannot think of.

In the Haleigh Cummings case we have a melange of stupidity! I have to admit that there are occasions where I think that every family member was somehow connected to the story line of the movie Deliverance. Oh that is just my thoughts!

On todays show we had a special guest, Pastor Richard Grund, he and his son Jessie have been under fire from the defense from the outset. It is crass stupidity, but, it plays into Jose Bozo Baez’s plans. The National Enquirer has featured Richard Grund on their front page. A big story about how Caylee Anthony was a human sacrifice! Of course in the final few lines of their expose they point out that they absolutely no proof! Ah, truth in reporting!

Richard Grund joined us for the first part of the program, and certainly set the story straight.

Our second segment concerned missing 6 year old Haleigh Cummings. It is now 8 months since she was last seen. There have been no charges laid, there are no persons of interest. Yet, there are. What I first perceived as bad investigating, has turned into a whole different scenario.

Haleigh Cummings has hit the heart of many people, most of the press are happy to sit back and wait for information to be spoon fed to them. A few of us are not. TJ Hart of WSKY 97.3 is a stellar example. TJ has dogged this case from day one.

I know this will come as a bit of a shock to some folks, but when we say we have sources, it is not some crackpot anonymous hotmail email account! Our sources are real people, some that might surprise you.

All in all it was an entertaining show, and with that in mind I suggest that you read between the lines. Much was said, and yet not said. Listen carefully, you might catch some gems.

The program is available here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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