There was a lot that happened in these two cases this week. Our panel of Jan and Simon Barrett, TJ Hart, Denny Griffin, and William Cobra Staubs, tried to put it all into perspective. We also fielded a number of interesting calls from listeners.

In the Haleigh Cummings search the main focus over the past week has been on father Ronald Cummings and his ex teen bride Misty Croslin. Seven months after their whirlwind marriage they have now managed a whirlwind divorce! As TJ pointed out it was likely the most perfect no-fault divorce of all time. There are no children, property, or other possessions to haggle over. In my opinion likely the biggest discussion was who gets the pack of cigarettes, the six pack of beer, and whatever illegal substances they may have.

Lisa Croslin, Misty’s mom, was extradited back to Putnam county, her bond was greatly reduced, and after a couple of days managed to bond out, although there is no word yet as to who her benefactor might be.

Mark Klaas made some rather disparaging remarks about Tim Miller earlier this week. It is not the first time, but this was certainly the most pointed. It will be interesting to see where this spat goes.

Misty Croslin has been seen around Palatka, but it is unknown as to where she is staying, or how she is supporting herself. If you listen to the program recording carefully, there is a joke made, but it may be closer to the truth than you might imagine.

Ronald Cummings has made a number of comments both directly and indirectly through his lawyer. The dreaded term ‘NPO’ has reared its head.

There is also the issue of Ronald apparently threatening to blow a hole in Misty’s neck! There does seem to be some credibility to this allegation, Tim Miller is not the first to have heard him say it.

In the Caylee Anthony case it was also a very busy week. Defense motions were denied, and prosecution ones accepted. But once again Jose Baez managed to dodge the bullet, he has been given until Feb/1 2010 to share his evidence that Caylee Anthony’s body was moved after mother Casey Anthony was in the slammer! As Jan and Denny pointed out, this makes no sense. If Casey is innocent, why would Baez wait more than three months to share this information? Does Casey enjoy life behind bars that she is asking her legal team to delay?

This week also saw the release of some depositions from Grandfather George Anthony. The inconsistencies in his statements boggle the mind. Gas cans, duct tape, and concrete slabs all seem to bring on a form of dementia in the man.

It was an entertaining program, and even though we do bill it as a ‘look back’ on the past seven days the occasional piece of brand new news does spill out. There was certainly some today. I will say this, if your information comes from the MSM it is old. One person I talked to that is close to both cases made the remark ‘I watched Nancy Grace last Thursday, was even 6 minutes of it live’?

It was an exciting program, and no doubt we will be hearing from the peanut gallery. I can only offer this advice to those of you that do not like the program, or the articles that we publish… don’t listen to us, and don’t read us. The last time I checked it was not compulsory to do either.

Personally there are TV channels, Radio Channels, and Internet sites that I do not like. My solution is to avoid them. It is a rendition of the ‘Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this’ joke. If it hurts, just don’t do it!

You can catch the entire program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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