I don’t think that any discussion is really needed. I am certain that we managed to rile up just about every online group that has been following these cases. The good news in my opinion is that I am pretty sure that I am not going to have to have one of those fireside chats, with LE. That’s a plus!

Both the Haleigh and Caylee cases bother me no end. Two little girls, they were both vibrant and innocent. One is certainly dead, the other seems to have also met the same fate.

The program today was an interesting one. The panel was diverse, and interesting. None of them have ‘taken sides’, all of them distrust everyone involved in both the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases.

We here at BNN get bashed a lot, we are biased, we poke fun at other web-sites and some TV stations. Yes we are, yes we do, but our goal is to cover these cases as accurately as we can. No BOMBSHELL’s or EXCLUSIVE’s we just plug away. Most of the BOMBSHELL’s and EXCLUSIVE’s reported on other sites are anything but!

Today’s panel was one of the most powerful I have encountered, and more than qualified to talk about these two cases than I could wish for.

It was 90 minutes of information. I have no doubt that some might not agree, my advice to you that do not agree with our experts, is go find a web site or cable channel that fits your needs.

If you missed the program the recording is here.

I will have more on this program, but wanted to get the link to the audio as a priority.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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