Some news organizations have moved on from the Haleigh Cummings case, but not us here at BNN. So I just wanted to remind everyone that we have a radio show on Sunday May/3 that will be focusing on this case. We have two great special guests. Ace reporter from Gainville’s Sky 97.3 talk radio T.J. Hart, this guy has been on the case, and on the ground from the day the story broke. In fact he is the person that has broken every major story concerning the case.

Our other guest is William “Cobra” Staubs, a bail bondsman and private eye who has been running his own investigation into the case. Cobra has used his own money to finance the investigation, and as a one man band seems to have covered more angles than law enforcement.

I have heard a rumor, Cobra is going to have some very interesting things to say tomorrow. I can’t give you a hint, I don’t know what they are myself. But you can bet your bottom dollar HLN will be listening into tomorrows show, and whatever Cobra has will be used on HLN on Monday.

We used to just report the news, now we are the news!

The other case we will be putting under the microscope is that of Caylee Anthony. This case has more twists and turns than an Alpine switch back. The Document Dump from the prosecution as part of discovery was disappointing to say the least. No Smoking Gun, not even a remotely warm barrel. How the prosecution expects to make the Death Penalty stick on tot mom Casey Anthony is something I wonder at.

You can catch all the action at 3PM Central on BTR. Alternatively just go to a few minutes before 3pm central, we will have a link on the front page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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