I tell all of our writers here at BNN that articles must be at least 200 words in length. Anything less than that and they face the wrath of Simon. But, I could just describe todays program in one word WOW.

I am not sure where to start with a text wrap up.

My guests were a line up that would make many TV cable news stations green with envy.

I was delighted that my two good friends William Cobra Staubs and TJ Hart decided to come out of retirement. Do me a favor and please do check out TJ’s site The Sky 97.3. And if you need the best PI in the business drop Cobra a line at caseclosed@bellsouth.net

On Friday Casey Anthony’s defence team filed a motion to get Judge Strickland removed from the case, their motivation being a ‘suspected’ connection to a Blogger! Dave Knechel was the blogger and he came on air and told his side of the story. Both TJ and I were both stunned by what he had to say. As journalists you talk to many, many people. It is part of the job. Baez is contending that Knechel and Strickland are friends, therefore Strickland should be removed. He was pro prosecution, ergo Strickland was pro prosecution. This is not the first ridiculous claim we have from Baez and his merry band of pixies, and I am sure it will not be the last!

Dave Knechel decided to come on the program and explain his side of the story. He is not a media hound, in fact he is anything but. He is neither Pro nor Anti in the case. That can be seen by checking out his web site. Of course Baez is reaching for straws at this stage, being named in a motion is becoming a right of passage if you are reporting on the Caylee Anthony case. BNN got an honorable mention in his attempt to get the court venue changed. But short of moving the trial to Outer Mongolia I don’t think he can find a place where the folks are not aware of the case.

The Haleigh Cummings case has reached a level of criticality. What appears on the TV, in print or on radio often is not the whole story. There are facts that become known to the press, and we are asked not to share them. Most of us do try to comply. This week was a zoo.

To help me sort it out was Armando Aldazabal who was our eyes, ears, and feet at the search site. His descriptions of what he saw sound more like a 50’s political protest than a search. At least one Fox affiliate reporter was cuffed and led away!

Also joining us was Jaemie Levine the Founder and President of Mothers Against Predators and The Crime Doctor himself, Denny Griffin.

With a team like this how can you go wrong?

I’ll just go back to my WOW comment, you can listen to the whole program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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