Today’s program was a little different from our regular fare. The panel consisted of Simon and Jan Barrett, the Crime Doctor Denny Griffin, State Investigator, and proponent of the science of Statement Analysis, Peter Hyatt. We also added a new name to the mix, Marinade Dave, Dave Knechel has created quite the stir online.

Actually it is quite amusing, the online raiders have at one time or another attacked almost everyone with a web presence. Had they put half of their energy into helping solve these cases as they have into creating havoc, maybe solutions would be forthcoming.

We started today’s program with a new case, Zachary Pittman. He is not a cute young girl, he is a 26 year old man with a young daughter. Next Thursday will mark the one year mark that Zach has been missing. Zach did not disappear from the center of a large city, it was from a very sparsely populated area of Louisiana. He had no money, no car, and no Drivers license.  How does a 26 year old male disappear at 11pm? Jan and I spent over an hour talking to his mother. You can find Jan’s article here. I do also hope that everyone that has been so active in helping us with the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases will step up to the plate, and help us with this one.

On the Caylee Anthony case we have the constant media stupidity. George and Cindy Anthony once more were in the lime light on Good Morning America, being a cynic I am just guessing that the channel are still trying to justify the $200,000 that they paid for the photographs.

Few people bought into this latest Good Morning America interview. It was pointed out that Cindy was not her usual acerbic self, but it is amazing what some good coaching can do.

The Haleigh Cummings case is just as frustrating. The most likely culprits are gradually becoming long time prison inmates, but the PCSO are obviously keeping the best till last. Misty Croslin faces the potential of 74 years behind bars.

It was a lively conversation, if you missed it, the recording is here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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