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It has been a very busy week in both cases. There are lots of things to talk about.

Casey Anthony’s defense team, led by Jose Baez took a good whipping early in the week from Judge Perry. He does not seem to much care for the cavalier approach put on by Baez,  Mr. Personality himself Cheney Mason, and Ms. There Is Nothing I Don’t Know Andrea Lyons.

The famous Baez smirk was missing for much of Mondays and Tuesdays hearings. Is this a case of regretting what you wish for? Maybe a new judge was not such a great move?

Over on the Haleigh Cummings case there were also some interesting developments. The PCSO are clearly playing some very serious hardball with the Croslin and Cummings clans. I’ll quote from my good friend Cobra “Pressure breaks pipes”. I’d say the pressure level went up by orders of magnitude this week.

No charges have been laid in the Haleigh Cummings suspected homicide, but the major players all find themselves taking an enforced vacation at the states expense for their contribution to the illegal drug trade.

It would seem likely that Ronald Cummings is about to take a plea deal in an attempt to lower the almost 90 years he is facing. In return for a lowering of the charges he apparently is prepared to rat out his fellow defendants. Even with the dropped charges he still faces a minimum of 45 years.

However, I was talking to one of my good friends yesterday, an ex gangster. Although the Witness Protection Program is far different to ratting out your friends in Putnam County, he did explain that there are avenues available that may well offer a potential to avoid the Minimum Mandatory. So, the deal is that Ron appears ready to throw the rest of the bunch under that ever busy bus.

Meanwhile, Tommy Croslin seems to be on the verge of making his move. In what I can only view as idiocy or genius, lawyer Werter apparently is shouting from the roof tops that Tommy knows that Haleigh Cummings died in the trailer. He also apparently is implicating the well known Cousin Joe.

I won’t reveal my sources, but Werter has spent a good deal of time this week on a fishing expedition. He is worried witless that some ‘Tommy Tapes’ might suddenly turn up. If there are ‘Tommy Tapes’ I don’t have them, but I am fishing, now he has got me interested. My theory is that he is worried that if Tommy Tapes do exist they might just tank the current strategy of blaming Cousin Joe.

Why annoy so many people for something that we don’t know exists?

I’d also like to clarify something said on the Nancy Grace show on Thursday. It was not breaking news that divorce papers had just been issued between Tommy Croslin and his wife. That actually happened last month!

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Simon Barrett

Update:  I now do believe that there may be ‘Tommy Tapes’, they are not from the source you might expect. There is a seller, but they are not cheap.

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