We will be running our regular scheduled look back at the events of the week in these two very frustrating cases.

The panel is still being worked on, but the regular members hopefully will be on hand, the Barrett’s, TJ Hart, Cobra, and Denny Griffin. In the light of the document dump in the Caylee Anthony case we are also hoping to have a special guest joining us.

The Anthony case was back in the spotlight, something like 1,500 pages of documentation were released, but little of it seems of evidentiary value. More than 600 pages concerned the ‘life and times’ of one time Casey Anthony fiancée Jesse Grund.

The one thing that is becoming abundantly clear is that Jose Baez if planning the Not Guilty by way of Juror confusion defense for Casey. This defense was successful in the original OJ Simpson double murder trial, but I can not see it working a second time. Baez looks like he is going to hammer on Jessie Grund, then when that fails, the infamous Zanny the nanny! Neither of which in most peoples mind could possibly be connected in any shape or form.

Of slightly more interest in the document dump was that The Anthony family refused to take a polygraph. This can be taken two ways, but being advised to refuse the request is hardly surprising.

Lee Anthony was deposed this week, and although little is expected from it, his attorney Thomas Luka announced that for Lee it was the end of any potential problems. As a result Luka has officially announced that he is no longer representing Lee.

The Haleigh Cummings investigation seems to lumber on at the speed of a snail. Law Enforcement are working hard, but are very unwilling to reveal their cards at this point. As we found out a couple of weeks ago though, they do take news articles very seriously. An unfortunate incident online did force them into the open, albeit briefly. It is easy to understand their reticence to share information with the press, however we are not the enemy, our ability to reach out to potential witnesses makes us a valuable tool.

Unfortunately the perceived lack of forward motion has made most news organizations seek more fertile ground, Michael Jackson’s untimely demise being the favorite. I find it macabre that dwelling on the dead is more important than hopefully bring back a very alive Haleigh Cummings.

I also know that TJ wants to mention a recent event in Gainsville. Someone made famous the saying that good news does not sell. That is wrong, TJ has the best story I have heard in months! And it most certainly does sell!

Time permitting I am also hoping to talk briefly about a new Miami case we are following. A Miami Beach PD officer Adam Tavss, managed to dispatch two unarmed citizens in the space of four days! We do have a radio program scheduled for Aug/8 and we have some pretty interesting guests, including an on the scene witness. Brother Samer Shehada was standing less than three feet from Husein Shehada, when he was shot in cold blood. You can bet your bottom dollar that this case is going to explode.

Please join us tomorrow at 3pm Central, just point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com a couple of minutes before 3pm Central and you will see the link on the front page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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