We will be broadcasting our regular show on Sunday afternoon. The panel is still being finalized however it likely will consist of the Barrett’s, The Sky 97.3’s ace reporter TJ Hart, private investigator William Cobra Staubs, and crime writer Denny Griffin.

There has been a good deal of activity in both the Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings cases.

Another 1000 page evidence dump concerning Caylee Anthony occurred earlier this week. And while much of it covered ground that we already knew, there were some nuggets to be found. There was a very curious sequence of emails between Dominic Casey and Cindy Anthony. They essentially pointed the finger at pastor Richard Grund. A more ridiculous accusation I can not think of. There was also a fabulous document which I am presuming was used by security when the Anthony’s held their memorial. It was their list of ‘potential’ trouble making gate crashers.  among the suspected were Leonard Padilla, Robert Dick, James Hoover, Kathi Belich, Richard Grund, Jesse Grund, Larry Garrison, 2 Zanaida Gonzalez’s, John Morgan, Murt Murtaugh and his Van, Walter ( a guy that works with Murt), Katherine Jarris, Daughter of Katherine Harris and Lois Peter, and CNN’s Nancy Grace.

Another on the list was Child Advocate Wayanne Kruger. Wayanne Kruger needs a special mention, she emailed me overnight DEMANDING that I remove Jan’s article that mentions her name. She is threatening court action. Well Wayanne let me set the record straight. All that Jan did was to print information that was released by the prosecution, so I would suggest you sue the state of Florida instead! Here is an excerpt to give you all a flavor of the stuff that arrives in my email:

You all will here from my attorney. She never contacted me. She never emailed me. This is defimation and slander. I am a respectable advocate and their site has now been banned as trash! National Enquieer, Star Magazine, taboid crap with sick people who are up on charges of obstruction of justice Cobra staubs andI have not one blemish in 25 years!

Wayanne, I will also offer some sage advice, generally speaking it is good to use the spell check and grammar check feature before emailing, it took a few runs at your email to convert it into English (Google Translate did not work).

In the Haleigh Cummings case we also have a great deal to talk about. I suspect that the subject of ‘truth in reporting’ may well become a very hot topic! My suggestion to the panel and the listeners, make sure you have taken your blood pressure meds before listening in.

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Simon and Jan Barrett

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