On Sunday at 3pm we will be running our regular round table on the developments in both the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases. Both of which seem to have once again gone somewhat quiet. It would seem that Jose Baez and his Pro Bono defense team are still licking their wounds from the rather nasty beating that Judge Perry handed them last week.

Baez did crawl out from under his blanky to whine some more about how unfair the press is early this week. He apparently took umbrage at a segment aired on an Orlando TV station about the tax payers footing the bill for transcripts.

The entire Casey Anthony defense team seem to have a love/hate relationship with the press. They jump at every opportunity to get on TV, and then whine and moan about the press coverage and how their client can not get a fair trial. As Homer Simpson would say.. DOH!

His client Casey Anthony cannot get a fair shake in Orlando in part because we at Blogger News have reported on the case. Yes we were mentioned in the change of venue motions!

Over on the Haleigh Cummings case it seems to be an unscripted version of the TV game show ‘Lets Make A Deal’. Ronald Cummings is the current contestant, and he seems to have selected whats behind curtain number two. His prize, 15 years in jail.

Tommy Croslin is likely the next contestant. Of course with his ever changing story it will be hard to know if they will let him stay on Lets Make A Deal or promote him to a spot on Jeopardy.

Meanwwhile Misty croslin seems to be playing Blackjack, she is sitting on 15, and the dealer is showing an Ace. Is it time to take an insurance bet? Should she Hit or Stand?

Tune in at 3pm to see what the panel thinks.

Simon Barrett

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