We will be running our regular weekly look back at these two very frustrating cases. When you look at Haleigh Cummings or Caylee Anthony, it seems as if time has stood still. It is like listening to nails on a chalkboard as these cases move at what seems to be a glacial speed toward resolution. You just want to scream!

The panel for Sunday is (as usual) still a work in progress, but I think you can expect the regular band of Simon and Jan Barrett, ace reporter TJ Hart, crime writer and author Denny Griffin, and investigator Peter Hyatt. I do have some calls into a couple of other people, if one or both take up the challenge, it might be quite the unique program.

It is clear that those people close to the Haleigh Cummings case that they are not celebrating the ‘Sweet Sixteen’, rather they are saying ‘ok I will plead out and take the Frightful Fifteen’. Of the five partners in the Satsuma pill popping crime, three have accepted deals, each one has scored the same magic number, 15 years behind bars.

15 years is a great deal of time to serve on a non violent pill popping charge. Rush Limbaugh managed to get away with a slap on the wrist. As have many other famous and rich people.

Are we seeing a two tier justice system?

Actually, I am in two minds, I am happy that harsh sentences are being handed down, it is possible that we may never find the real answer, but we likely have the prime suspects behind bars.

There are still two waiting to discover their fates, Tommy Croslin and his sister Misty Croslin. Misty faces 74 years in jail, but will that come to pass? Tommy on the other hand is screaming from the top of the hill that he will be out in three. I suspect he may be in for a bit of a shock.

Misty Croslin faces the most serious drug charges, can she plead out to a mere 15 years?

The activities over on the Caylee Anthony case are just as frustrating. Once again we find a great example of Dysfunction Junction. Last week I jokingly asked the question “if the Death Penalty stays on the table, will Andrea Lyons bail out”. Pro Bono friends tend to only work when there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Jose Baez is not scoring any points with the new judge, a judge that was appointed at the behest of Baez’s latest dream team member Chaney Mason. We may just have an update on that on the program. A person close to the subject.

Join us at 3pm Sunday the link is here.

Simon Barrett

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