It was the usual lively program. The Caylee Anthony case has ripped apart many hearts, and I know that many folks have this precious little girl in their payers. Nothing can be done to bring her back, but clearly there are lots of people that seek justice. Richard Grund opted not to take part in the show, his son Jessie is being paraded around like a circus pony, and his is rightfully very angry. Richard did however send us a statement which we aired.

I sincerely hope that everyone is as offended as I am about this turn of events.

I would encourage anyone that is offended by this that listens to your show to write the Governor of Florida, Attorney General, Senators and Congressman that this law allowing this release of court documents needs to be amended to allow the State Prosecutor’s Office to exclude personal information that is not pertinent to the case and not evidence. I do not believe the State Prosecutor’s Office had any other choice but to adhere to the letter of the law and release the information as requested. They need discretionary power to avert this from happening to anyone else!

This law is flawed and does not take into consideration the digital age of instant everything. It used to be a person had to pay to obtain this information and get it in hard copy. Not with the Internet it’s free of charge and the media is allowed to disseminate it indiscriminately. Why does a person who is not from the State of Florida need to know if their law enforcement representatives are doing their job properly (the intent behind the law)? Now, people all over the World have Jesse’s personal information including his school transcripts, credit report and our home address and phone number. What was the point of being “unlisted” if such a law can violate it so suddenly and callously?!

Additionally, since last July my family and I have suffered under the daily defamatory onslaught of Internet “trolls”, who claim to be working on behalf of the Anthony family and Casey’s defense, to fabricate reasonable doubt by attacking us online. Their attacks were vile enough without having all of this personal information to misuse and twist. This document dump was like chumming the shark infested waters of the Internet causing them to run out of control in a diabolical feeding frenzy. I would ask every person and especially every Florida politician this question – what if this were your son and your family?

There is a saying that no deed goes unpunished and Jesse is living proof of that!

Thanks again for your support and God bless,
Richard Grund

One thing is clear, the Caylee Anthony case is far from over. The vibrant little girl may have been reduced to a bag of bones in a trash bag. But justice will prevail.

We then moved onto the Haleigh Cummings case. Missing for nearly six months, is she alive or not? This question one that the few of us journalists still following the case talk about almost everyday.

As usual there were no shortage of questions from the callers. This is a case that has polarized many people. Theories abound, mostly the choice is, was it Ron and Misty, or some other family member? The ‘stranger abduction’ takes a back seat.

As i see it, there are few people in the media still focusing on the case. Most have moved on to greener pastures. TJ Hart and myself are the only folks reporting on it. Yet the online world shows that there is still a great deal of interest, but where is the support from the rest of the media?

You can listen to the entire program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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