I think it is time to put my foot down in an attempt to keep our comment section on the Haleigh Cummings case peaceful. So many times I have asked everyone in here to stop bashing others and when someone does start fighting I have asked everyone else to stay out of it when it does happen.

First of all I would like to say this:

m2c said,
in June 23rd, 2010 at 8:05 am on  — Haleigh Cummings & Caylee Anthony – BNN Radio Wrap For Jun/20


Thank you very much m2c for this comment. I have been telling everyone that exact thing. ALL theories should be considered not just one and certainly not on just one family that is involved.

It has been obvious to everyone following this case on BNN what my theory is. Most won’t even consider it could even be possible but you don’t see me getting mad because their opinion is completely different from mine. I firmly believe that everyone has their own opinions and should be allowed to express it. When someone attacks someone because their opinion is different, it is totally unfair and I DO NOT like that. And btw I have never said for sure who I definitely say is responsible for Haleigh being taken away, or kidnapped or killed. I am only stating a strong opinion that could have possibly happened and even though not many agree with me, I can respect that.

I wish that everyone would do me a favor. If you feel you are attacked for expressing your opinion PLEASE email me at jannyo@gmail.com and include the exact date and time and thread that it was posted on and if possible the comment itself would really be helpful.

I know some of you don’t realize how time consuming it is to have to go through each comment to find one with one sentence that someone else finds insulting. I do have a million other things to do as part of my job and I honestly do not have the time to search through hundreds of comments to find it.

I am begging ALL involved in the disputes in here lately to just stay out of it unless you are directly involved in the original problem. That way it would be easier for me to check it out and decide who really started it. Having a bunch jump in only makes it worse and more of you end up getting blamed. I really hate blaming someone for something that they didn’t do, but as I said sometimes it is hard to figure out the original problem so when that happens I am forced to scold a lot more that I should be.

So one more time… PLEASE stop lashing out to others just because you don’t agree with whatever theory they have.

I have got to get through to all of you that I mean business here and I am not going to keep taking the abuse in here to some whether they have been here throughout this whole case or tp someone that may be a new poster. ALL new posters ARE welcome in here even if the regulars do not agree with their opinions. I am serious about this. PLEASE try to stop bashing anyone for whatever reason.

As we all have heard by now, the bones pulled out of the river have clearly been found NOT to be that of Haleigh Cummings. I could have sworn that when everyone was so anxious for the lab results on the bone, it was said by someone that the bones were NOT human bones. They said it was an animal bone. Now we are being told that it was the bone from an American Native. I have honestly got to the point that I don’t know who to believe either. Why would the cops telling diofferent stories be any better than Misty changing her story?

The only thing we all have to hold onto is our theories. As I stated, I have my opinion on this case but not everyone agrees with me. I think all the theories should be laid out  so we can sort them out instead of fighting over them. Actually most of the theories that have been posted in here are very possible that could have happened but unfortunately none of use know what really happened the night Haleigh disappeared. How can anyone argue with someone else about a theory when they don’t know for sure what happened? So I am asking everyone to think about that before getting upset over someone else expressing their opinions and it is totally different from yours.

So in closing this article I would like to ask all of you that have been following this case to please stand together. Don’t let a simple disagreement pull you apart. Help me in welcoming newcomers in here that are interested in what happened to Haleigh. Quit accusing them of being someone else. All newcomers are not bad people. Afterall we were all newcomers at one time or another too. Help us keep the focus here on trying to figure out what happened to our precious Haleigh. That is what we are suppose to be here for. Please keep her in your prayers.

Thank you,

Jan Barrett

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