I have no idea how many times I have made this statement, but I will say it one more time. My wife and I derive no compensation from BNN. It does not matter how many hits the site gets, we still get exactly $Zero. Writing an article merely to drive traffic has no benefit to us what so ever!

It is no ones business as to how we pay our bills. However just to stop some of the lies that seem to be circulating. Our source of income is not from BNN. I work in the publishing, music  DVD, and Movie world in a minor support role. It is not glamorous. Anyone that thinks spellchecking a 100,000 word document is fun is nuts!

The article that I published concerning Lisa Croslin was written based on the facts that we were provided by an eyewitness. That eyewitness asked that we not name them. And we did not, in fact I was asked ‘off the record’ who it was by people that I trust, I did not share the name. Other ‘news’ sources have outed the person. I think that was a very ill thought out strategy. The 10 minutes of fame found for the Exclusive, results in many days and often weeks of misery for the hapless victim that came forward with the information. There were only two people here at BNN that knew the persons name and we did NOT share it.

In fact we did the exact opposite, I tried of obfuscate any trace that might lead back.

I did make reference to two people alleged to have given Lisa money. Both were members of the press. Picazio however obviously thought that I was referencing her. Nothing could have been further from my mind. Yet in her tirade she admits that she facilitated Lisa getting money. That is an interesting twist.

Picazio started off as representing Crystal Sheffield, has she now changed sides? Has she now become part of the Croslin team?

Quite frankly I don’t care who it is, I know that Lisa Croslin needs help. If trashing Simon and Jan Barrett gets her that help, it is fine with us.

The entire Haleigh Cummings case has disintegrated into an exercise in stupidity. Little has to do with finding out what happened to the poor little girl any more. It is all about BS. If my story about Lisa Croslin was inaccurate, then I apologize. It was the best information that we had. The new version of events being touted by some, is that Lisa Croslin went to the hospital as the result of being assaulted by another person at the shelter. Of course there is no sign of any documentation to back this up. Is there a police report? Of course the biggest question of all, is why was Lisa not allowed back to the shelter?  Most shelters involved with rehab and safety have a zero tolerance policy toward drugs, alcohol and violence. Drugs and alcohol rarely (if ever) are reported to the police, the person involved is simply asked to leave. Violence is a different situation, particularly if Paramedics are involved.

Both Jan and I want nothing more than a resolution to the Haleigh Cummings case. The guilty need to be brought to task. It would give Jan and I no greater pleasure than to be able to lay this story to rest.

Jan and I have met some great people while covering this story, we have also met a bunch of people that seem to revel in their own importance!

This morning I found my wife in tears. It was entirely due to a small cadre of commentators. I made the decision to close the comments on BNN. I know that I am punishing more than 97% of people to make a point to the 3%. As I stated earlier, we derive no income from BNN, so shutting down the comment section makes no difference to us. I do feel sorry for the vast majority of commentators that have been hit. Our forum section is still open, however, you will have to register with real information.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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