Central Florida-  In a strange turn of events Haleigh Cummings family will be attending a candle light vigil held by the Never Lose Hope Foundation along with the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation. There in Central Florida, Orlando/Lake Mary Location. I have been covering Haleigh since almost the day she vanished. I was appalled to know at one point George Anthony had gone to Satsuma to lend his assistance to Ron Cummings when Haleigh was first reported missing.

I honestly don’t trust the Anthony’s as far as I can spit. For them to be aiding in a case of any missing child is backwards they did not once search for Caylee nor have they admitted who the true murderer is. They continue to promote a lie of her murderer and support the true criminal. I hope that this is just a way for Haleigh’s family to get her back into the media’s eye. Shed some focus on her, it is well needed. I don’t know much about Never Lose Hope Foundation accept they search for missing children. This Candle light vigil is nation wide that day. There is one set up in Roseburg Oregon let me tell you something about Oregonians we love a candle lighting. So I am going to keep watch of the news I would like to see what its about.

I only have few concerns with Haleigh being mixed up with NLHF and CMAF and thats the past actions of the Anthony’s. I understand they lost a grandchild and don’t want to lose a daughter. I can empathize to a point for them. I just think that Haleigh could be represented in a better way other then through this. Yes she needs the attention I for one fully understand that fact. Is this the right attention to be linked to the CMAF? I just don’t see the positive light in it. Haleigh already has so much negative aspects hindering her recovery. There is a cast of characters in this mix that drives you up a wall, I just don’t think that the Anthony’s are the attention Haleigh needs through all of this. But thats just my opinion.

I just wonder what type of advice and goodwill the Anthony’s will extend to Haleigh’s family I am rather interested in finding out. I will be making sure to stay tuned to the event. The vigil is going to be on May 17, 2009 between 7-8pm.

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