Satsuma, Florida- Haleigh Cummings family, to be more specific her mother Crystal Sheffield will be attending a candle light vigil for her along with Trenton Ducketts family. They are the guests of honor at this vigil, there is some other interesting people attending the vigil that will be at the Lake Mary City Hall event Never Lose Hope Foundation, Michelle Bart’s organization and The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, Cindy and George Anthony’s organization will also be in attendance.

Well ,well, well, while I do believe that Haleigh needs all the attention she can get I don’t believe that having Cindy or George Anthony anywhere near Haleigh’s case is good in any sort of way. They have proven themselves to be untrustable and belligerent. I do not believe they are worthy enough to be representing or helping Haleigh in any shape or form. I am elated she is getting national attention again but at what price. To be paraded around by the Anthony’s and there show boating connecting themselves to Haleigh, using Haleigh to have the appearance that they do help in the search for missing children. Now if I recall correctly only a few times had they gone out and handed out bottles water at there Kid Finders booth. Not once did they go searching for there “missing” grandchild Caylee Anthony. I don’t recall once anyhow, I hope that whatever it is that is going to come out of this event is positive for Haleigh. I don’t see how the Anthonys being there could be positive to Haleigh’s search, but like I said any attention should be good.

Never Lose Hope is going to be in attendance also. While I don’t know much about them I do know that it has been the shadow in the background of the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation and the Caylee Myspace page. It’s all there online you can see it. I assume they are linked to one another. I can’t comment much on Never Lose Hope Foundation, I simply don’t know enough about them. I do know that Michelle was a spokeswoman for Kid Finders and other organizations inner twined to them. The Anthonys though I know plenty about, see before Haleigh my mind was wrapped around Caylee day in and day out. I don’t trust them as far as I can spit, I don’t feel they anyway should be presenting or representing or even be in the same arena as Haleigh’s family. But who am I to even toss a stone in the mud. Haleigh is much to precious and adorable to be even spoke of by them. I feel strongly towards this being a negative for her, I hope they don’t plaster her face on there billboards associating themselves to her just so they can prove that they are involved in the search for missing children. To please there own deeds, to satisfy themselves using my girl in there attempt to appear that they do what they don’t do. They didn’t do it for there own  flesh and blood I don’t buy this attempt now. Its a little to late, is this some type of self preservation for not searching for there own grandchild?

I wonder if it’s going to be televised. Supposedly there is going to be one in Roseburg, Oregon. For a murdered girl out this way her name is Stephanie Condon they are presenting the vigil in her memory. I am at a loss, how can they allow Haleigh to be at anything that the Anthony’s have their hands in? They have done nothing for anyone let alone a missing child. They have denied the truth in there granddaughters murder. Not only do they spread the lie of the innocence of the true murderer, they continue to spread the lie of the fantasy nanny who stole there grandchild and murdered her to teach there daughter a lesson in parenting. What? The whole world knows who murdered Caylee Anthony, you’d have to be real delusional to not see the truth for what it is. I don’t see how liars can even attempt to support a missing child. Caylee was not missing she was taken by her mother and murdered. Well thats how I see it anyhow, I understand the reasoning of losing a grandchild and not wanting to lose a daughter but to carry on like they do and lie over and over and over spreading the mistruths in this case is beyond acceptable. They have no right to be anywhere near Haleigh or her family.

Haleigh has enough negative revolving around her, she does not need to be associated to them in any way. I am angry that they feel the need to add Haleigh to their parade of lies. I am not for this at all, I know I am a Joe nobody in all of this. I do though have an opinion and that is that Haleigh is to good to be mixed up with the Anthony’s and the CMAF. She already has enough going against her, at no fault of her own she has lies, sex, prostitution, drug use, drug dealing, horrible elements saturating her disappearance then to add a cherry to the top she has the Anthony’s and their circus trying to add her to their show. I don’t see it any other way, there is no merry sunshine or sugar coating it. I simply won’t, it’s a shame that they have to inject themselves into her disappearance. I truly miss my friend Sean Krause he would be in agreement  with me on this they are not fit to find a tick on a dogs back let alone bring Haleigh’s name in all of this. I don’t know if the vigil’s are going to be televised or online, I hope it is I don’t normally watch or listen to anything involving the Anthony’s never have, I would like to tune into this though to see the platform they are using Haleigh for. Should be interesting to say the least. There isn’t enough I can say against this, well at least Haleigh is getting some national attention from this that is the only thing I can find positive in this whole event. Haleigh Bug we love you and we are all in your corner.

Haleigh is five years old she has blonde hair and brown eyes, she has a birthmark on her left cheek she weighs around 39 pounds she is three feet tall. Haleigh may be disguised now, please if you have any information about her location or abductor make the call to Putnam County Sheriffs Office or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477) .

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