Florida- I have a question I feel it’s a valuable one that comes from good intentions. There is no easy way to sugar coat this and since I can’t stand sugar coating anything I am not. How come a dead child gets more coverage then a missing presumed living child? I am speaking of Caylee Anthony, how come she gets more media attention and focus then Haleigh Cummings? Wasn’t that bad now was it? Anyway, how come? Don’t get me wrong I love Caylee, always have, see though the way I see and maybe I’m favoring Haleigh since I’m covering her and all. How come continuing to put focus on a dead child is more important then focusing on missing child who is presumed living. Haleigh is a natural born citizen of the state of Florida just like Caylee was. Haleigh should be getting the media focus that Caylee is receiving.
While I’m not complaining it is a let down to wake up and Google news Haleigh and get my own articles, it really is bitter sweet. I’m standing here in this empty unforgiving desert at this crossroad wondering who is going to join me out here. Is Haleigh covered less because she doesn’t come from the same side of the tracks as Caylee? Are Caylee’s bread and butter any better then Haleigh’s? Is this an issue with income status? Middle class America versus low income America? I feel this is a valid concern being one who is covering Haleigh. Why doesn’t my girl get the attention a dead child gets? Another example is Adji Desir the hardest of the children I cover due to there being no news on him. Look at his family of farm workers. Is that the reason he is long and forgotten? Adji is a handicapped child with a communication disorder I would imagine he would be blasted all over in hopes to locate him. Caylee is dead Adji is missing. He should be top priority for the state of Florida. It’s not just Florida though there are thousands of missing children never to be in the spotlight. Not like Caylee and her circus of clowns.

Haleigh has a circus of her own with just as much drama as in Orlando. Sex, drugs, prostitution, violence, lies, cheating that’s just as entertaining as the nonsense that has engulfed Caylee’s saga. While it would be hard to stomach what revolves around poor Haleigh Bug it would be well worth it just so she would have the attention. I feel that there is more to the answer then we will ever know. Haleigh deserves the focus on her she is a living breathing child and until her body is produced she is alive. Missing, yet no one focuses on her. Caylee is dead give the media focus to living children who need our efforts to find them. How many children in the state of Florida have gone missing since Caylee’s body was discovered? Plenty I’m sure, yet day in and day out we get to see her family and there drama smeared all over our televisions and internet. I can’t get over that Haleigh is shunned by the media and a dead child is put on a pedestal. It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

I do hope that the double standard that our media outlets take in regards to our children changes though I doubt it ever will. I do hope it does there are children out there alive and missing from their families who need the focus that Caylee is receiving. Her family knows where she is we all know where she is, lets move on lets shine the light on a missing child who so desperately needs to come home. I am just one voice with lots of questions and concerns where this is involved. I can’t change anything in regards to this problem. All I can do is hope and pray for change. Haleigh needs us. Adji needs us. They all need us. They are living and until shown otherwise they need the focus on them for their safe recovery.

Since there is hardly anyone else shouting this I will say it again Haleigh Cummings is five years old she has curly blonde hair and brown eyes, she is three feet tall and weighs around 39 pounds she has a birthmark on her left cheek. She may be disguised now. Please if anyone out there knows where she is or has any information about her please you are urged to cal Putnam County Sheriff Office at (386) 329-0800 , or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477)

Please make a donation to the search for Haleigh Cummings

 1) You can go to any Sun Trust Bank and donate to “Case Closed Inc.” c/o William Staubs.
2)Send an encouraging letter with small donation to:
Case Closed
William Staubs
PO BOX 267967
Weston, FL

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